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Work and Travel in China Part 3

What requirements have to be met to quality for Work and Travel in China?

1. Visa

Anybody who wants to travel to the People's Republic of China as a Work and Traveler absolutely needs a visa. Unlike the standard Work and Travel countries, China has no agreement with Germany for a working holiday visa. As mentioned above, Hong Kong is the exception here. The working holiday visa allows travelers from Germany to live and work on site in Hong Kong for up to one year. More information on the requirements and conditions for the visa can be found here: Working holiday visa Hong Kong.

However, if you simply want to pass through Hong Kong, you need a corresponding visa. The application for a visa can be submitted online. There are various categories to choose from. For instance, an internship requires a Category Z work visa. Depending on the requirements and length of the stay, a Category M work visa or a Category F cultural visa may suffice. However, this is a legal gray area. More information on visas can be found here: Working holiday visa China.  

2. Language skills and other requirements

The activity determines what prior knowledge will be necessary. Good English skills are generally a crucial requirement. Proficiency in Chinese is also an advantage, but not a requirement in most cases. A high degree of interest in life and work in China is absolutely demanded. Other necessary requirements are related to the respective activities. Overseas health insurance and liability insurance valid overseas are absolutely recommended. Furthermore, it is advised that you receive a fresh round of vaccinations. The foreign office will provide information on this.

What does a Work and Travel stay in China cost?

This question does not have a definitive answer. Along with expenses for the flight and visa, accommodations and provisions on site must be included as well. Contrary to the organizational expenses, life in China itself is quite affordable in comparison to Germany. Of course, this depends pretty heavily on the city. You should expect to pay between 1,000 and 3,000 euros for organised Work and Travel programs - depending on the length and work. The individual services, such as the flight, are usually not included and the expenses for these should be calculated into the total as well.

For example, 6-month Teach and Travel programs cost about 2,800 euros. All services - except for the flight, overseas health insurance, and visa fee - are usually included in this, including a language course, accommodations and provisions, and a wide range of leisure activities. In contrast, an au pair program only costs about 1,000 euros. However, then there are the costs of the visa, return flight, and other organizational matters. 

Essentially, when calculating the expenses it must always be carefully considered which services are included in the offers. Careful research is thus definitely recommended. Taking care of the organization yourself generally saves a little money because there are no more organizational fees. However, then you are missing out on the service that is rather helpful if you have not yet had any experience in the new country. 

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