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Work and Travel in China Part 1

China is still an exotic location when it comes to a Work and Travel destination. Regardless - or maybe because of that - the most populous country in the world is gradually becoming more popular. No wonder, because China is an extremely diverse country as far as discovery is concerned, and not just for the breathtaking landscapes and the bustling metropolises but also for the exciting Chinese culture. The opportunities for earning money during a Work and Travel sojourn in China are still rather limited. However, learning the country in this way is worth it because experience with China and the associated cosmopolitanism look good on any resume. Initial work experience, knowledge of the Chinese language, and valuable intercultural skills allow you to score definite bonus points for your own career and set you apart from other candidates. Below are the answers to the most pertinent questions and valuable tips and insight for anybody who wants to use Work and Travel as a chance to experience this diverse and exciting country.

What are the opportunities for Work and Travel in China?

Even though China is not a classic Work and Travel country, there are still some ways to visit the country and gather work experience. The majority of these options, however, are very low-paying if at all, and thus fall under the realm of volunteer work.

Option 1: The internship abroad in China

Anybody wanting to get work experience in a Chinese business enterprise has good prospects in the two major cities of Shanghai and Beijing. For example, they can complete an internship in marketing, logistics, or as a medical assistant in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Internships in the tourism industry are also possible. Students can learn more about exchange programs or scholarships at their universities or from the DAAD. Along with the SinoJobs Job Market, which offers a wide variety of interesting work, there are numerous agencies that provide internships in China. Internships are generally not compensated. A work permit is a requirement for an official internship position. As this means expenses for the employer, some companies shy away from offering internships. Tip: Hong Kong is an exception. This is because the Chinese administrative district has settled an agreement with Germany that offers young people the opportunity to work and live in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong for a maximum of one year on a working holiday visa.

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Option 2: Volunteer work in China 

Because the costs of an internship are quite high due to the visa application process, many travelers decide to work as volunteers. There are many exciting projects in this area. The opportunity to teach English at a Chinese school - known as Teach & Travel - is very popular. One good address is the eponymous program "Teach and Travel China". This is an ideal way to acquire valuable practical experience, especially for aspiring teachers and education professionals. Very good English skills, being of age, and a criminal record certificate are requirements. Experience with children is obviously an advantage, but not mandatory. Aside from volunteer work in schools, other alternatives include working in orphanages, kindergartens, or taking part in wildlife projects. Many providers offer bulk packages that include accommodations, a language course, and a rundown of manageable expenses.

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