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Work and Travel in China Part 2

Option 3: An au pair job

Another way to experience the Chinese culture first hand is to travel to China as an au pair. The advantage: You live with a guest family and become acquainted with the culture up close. This is also possible when on a very low budget. If you can easily see yourself taking this option, you must still meet a few requirements.  More information can be found in this program tip: Going to China as an au pair.  

Option 4: Language schools

If your goal is to learn the Chinese language, or at least acquire basic skills, you should start your Work and Travel stay with a language course. If you have the courage to try out the foreign characters and their pronunciation, you will also learn quite a lot about the Chinese culture alongside valuable language skills. Chinese is indeed considered one of the most difficult languages, although it is also the most-spoken language in the world. Chinese skills are thus not only practical when traveling, but they give your resume that deciding touch and add bonus points to your professional life.

How is a Work and Travel stay in China organized?  

There are essentially two ways to organize a Work and Travel stay in China: on your own or through an organizer/agency. If you would like to organize the entire stay yourself, you can try your luck with speculative applications or job portals. Students can also apply for scholarships, such as through the DAAD. Otherwise it may be worthwhile to book Work and Travel as a bulk package. Agencies often not only offer a job or work for volunteers, but also accommodations, provisions, assistance in obtaining a visa, and organization. The costs for accommodations to tend to increase this way, but the support from an organization is usually helpful. If you have not yet acquired any experience with Work and Travel and have never been to Asia, the service provided by such organizations must not be underestimated, and is thus very valuable and helpful.

The portal Auslandsjob provides more information on organization.

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