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Schneider Electric Campus Recruitment Live Company Presentation


On November 29th, 2022, Schneider Electric Campus Recruitment - Overseas Session, organized by SinoJobs, was held on SinoJobs' official WeChat video channel and the entire event was a great success!

During the live event, speakers from Schneider Electric gave a detailed introduction to the company, including its history, leading position in the industry, employee benefits, etc. Project leaders from various departments of the company also analysed the responsibilities and daily work life of different positions, showing the direction for job seekers who wish to join Schneider Electric and students living and studying in Europe.

The Responsible person from Schneider Electric also answered questions for the participants in the Q&A session and gave a preview of the application and submission process for next year's spring recruitment. At the end, Schneider Electric also gave out Internal Referral codes to help students with their applications.

In the future, SinoJobs will continue to organize more online and offline recruitment events, including company presentations, live job analysis, and company Open Day, etc., and build the bridge between talents and international companies!

The job recommendation live stream from SinoJobs was a complete success!


On November 25 and December 16, 2022, SinoJobs conducted twice the job recommendation live streaming. Both live streaming focused on recruitment and job search in China and Europe. The response to the live streaming was overwhelming and the live events were successfully completed.

During the live stream, SinoJobs dug deep into high-quality jobs that offered by IAV Automotive Engineering, RIGOL Technologies EU, MPR China Certification, Schneider Electric SE, Absen GmbH und Growatt New Energy GmbH. SinoJobs senior career guide analyzed the company culture and job needs from various aspects and brought the Chinese and European job seekers a variety of positions such as safety engineers, autonomous Safety Engineer, ADAS-Engineer, European business manager and product certification consultant. The positions cover different professional directions such as arts, science, and business.

SinoJobs not only attracted the attention of many Chinese and European talents, but also brought unique job search suggestions to the job seekers. Through the job recommendation live stream, SinoJobs built a "cloud" bridge between enterprises and talents, solved the dilemma of "difficulty in recruitment" and "difficulty in employment" for enterprises, and provided job seekers with the opportunity to deeply understand the needs of enterprises.

SinoJobs will bring more online recruitment activities to help enterprises recruit and talents find jobs!

IAV Open Day Gifhorn 2022


After two months of preparation, the IAV Open Day started again on November 17, 2022, in Gifhorn, Germany! Despite the massive delays and cancellations of the Deutsche Bahn, the international talents overcame the difficulties and gathered at Gifhorn. The entire event was well received and was a complete success!

Mr. Jean Wagner-Douglas, General Manager of IAV China, Mr. Max Neumann, Global Human Resources Director of IAV, and many other department heads of IAV China brought wonderful company presentations to the students! Mrs. Xingshu Zhao, General Director of SinoJobs GmbH, also participated in the IAV Open Day and moderated the event.

On the Open Day, the students experienced the working atmosphere of IAV, a top German technology company, and discussed current technical trend topics with IAV employees. The most popular topics include ADAS, E-Traction & Battery and Software & Controls. Professional experts from different departments not only introduced the leading scientific and technological achievements to the students, but also explained the students the interaction between departments and colleagues and their daily work.

Here is a review of the highlights of IAV Open Day Gifhorn 2022!

SinoJobs Online Career Days October 2022 was a complete success!


On October 27th and 28th, 2022, SinoJobs Online Career Days October 2022 was successfully held! The job fair was unprecedented in scale, reaching a new high of nearly 1,200 participants. 33 internationally renowned companies, including Volkswagen China, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, IAV and LiangDao Germany, offered numerous positions in various industries and fields.  At this SinoJobs job fair, many job seekers found a suitable job.

SinoJobs Online Career Days October 2022 was held on Microsoft Teams.  HR and department heads of 33 companies shared first-hand recruitment information of their companies and had close online communication with job seekers at their booths. Job seekers interacted actively with the employers, uploaded resumes, and even conducted audio and video interviews.

At the same time, the live company presentation of the job fair took place on the 26th, 27th and 28th16 companies brought highly interesting company presentations and detailed recruitment explanations through the online company presentation. Job seekers actively asked questions through Teams, SinoJobs WeChat video channel and Bilibili platform, and received very detailed answers from the companies. The entire live company presentation received more than 30,000 spectators.

SinoJobs sincerely thanks all job seekers, students, and graduates at home and abroad as well as all employers for the continued trust in SinoJobs. In the future, SinoJobs will organize further recruitment events such as company open days, company air presentations. Please stay up to date on SinoJobs website, SinoJobs WeChat account, SinoJobs video account and other Chinese and European social media platforms of SinoJobs such as LinkedIn, Weibo, TikTok and Xiaohongshu.

Next year, SinoJobs Career Days will be held both online and offline to better support job seekers in China, Germany and throughout Europe!

Midea Group - Online Company Presentation Germany


On September 23, 2022, Midea Group and SinoJobs held the long-awaited Midea Group Air-Presentation Germany.

Considering the characteristics of international students and job seekers in Germany and Europe, SinoJobs and Midea prepared comprehensively in both promotion process and pre-presentation process. Vacancies in China and Europe at Midea Group cover a wide range of technical positions and functional positions. The Air presentation therefore attracted a large number of interested job seekers in China, Germany and Europe. The live presentation received a total of 36,000 viewers, and the number of simultaneous online viewers was over 1,000 at times.

During the live presentation, the three guests, who graduated from top German technical universities, not only talked about their career paths after graduation in Germany, but also introduced their respective departments in Midea Group.

Job seekers interacted positively with the speakers, and a number of job seekers submitted their resumes online during the live presentation. Towards the end of the live presentation, 1,100 viewers were online at the same time. Midea Group Air- Presentation Germany went perfectly to the end.

Hanshow Technology - Online Company Presentation Europe


On September 22, 2022, Hanshow Technology - Online Company Presentation Europe organized by SinoJobs successfully came to an end. The live presentation was held on the WeChat video channel and Bilibili.

With the promotion of SinoJobs through various Chinese and European Media channels, the response to the Live-Presentation was extremely positive. In the weeks leading up to the Live-Presentation, SinoJobs received a steady stream of inquiries from job seekers.

During the live presentation, Hanshow's HR Director Europe and USA gave job seekers a detailed introduction to Hanshow's development history and departments. The HR Director also explained the current vacancies of the company and the hard and soft skills that Hanshow expects from the applicants.

In addition, SinoJobs also offered job seekers the opportunity to attend the interview session at Hanshow directly after the Live-Presentation.

2022.09.16 Evonik 2023 Campus Recruitment Live Event


On September 16, 2022, SinoJobs and Evonik, a world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, held the Evonik 2023 Campus Recruitment Live event on WeChat video channel and Bilibili. The event was a great success and a perfect start for Fall Recruitment 2022.

A few weeks before the live event, SinoJobs announced and promoted the event through the official WeChat public website, WeChat group, Weibo, LinkedIn, Xing and many other social media platforms and job posting platforms.

Evonik's department heads, experienced employees and HR participated in the live event. They presented Evonik's working environment, the situation and tasks of each department, talent recruiting, etc., and explained Evonik's development motivation and its industry-leading position. The responsible persons also answered the questions of the participants in detail.

This live event paved the way for future applications of students and job seekers. SinoJobs wishes all international students, graduates and job seekers all the best for the upcoming recruitment processes in autumn and invites you to join the SinoJobs Online Career Days on October 27 and 28 to meet more than 30 international companies and explore your career opportunities!

SinoJobs discussion with TALENTpro on the topic of talent management

At the invitation of the TALENTpro team, Mrs. Xingshu Zhao, CEO of SinoJobs, gave an impromptu interview at the 3rd TALENTpro Expofestival. Mrs. Zhao brought up a number of ideas about recruiting at home and abroad, especially for the Chinese market.

During the interview, Mrs. Xingshu Zhao first talked about the industry-leading position of SinoJobs, which is especially strong due to its marketing channels such as WeChat, Weibo, LinkedIn and Xing, etc. and the cooperation with the German and Chinese universities as well as student communities. It is precisely for this reason that SinoJobs has already served more than 3,000 global companies and more than 100,000 job seekers with European and Chinese backgrounds since 2009.

Due to the increasing shortage of professionals on the German labor market, the role of SinoJobs has become increasingly clear. This is because SinoJobs not only supports companies in their precise talent search, but also promotes their corporate image among their target groups.

When asked whether German companies have difficulties recruiting through SinoJobs, Mrs. Zhao said that thanks to SinoJobs' diverse recruitment formats and solid foundation of accumulated candidate’s database, recruitment for European companies through SinoJobs is also going very well. Mrs. Zhao also highlighted the three largest professional groups that companies can recruit through SinoJobs, namely mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and IT professionals.

Click here for the whole Interview

SinoJobs participated as an exhibitor in the 3rd TALENTpro Expofestival!


On July 6 and 7, 2022, the 3rd TALENTpro Expofestival, organized by HRM Institute, was successfully held in Munich. After two years, Germany's largest HR summit was again offline organized. Once again, world-renowned HR platforms and industry giants such as Indeed, Jobware, BMW Group and Bayer AG etc. were brought together.

SinoJobs, the exclusive HR service provider that builds bridges between Chinese experts and employers, both in Germany and China, received a lot of attention at the TALENTpro Expofestival!

During the event, the organizer invited Mrs. Xingshu Zhao, CEO of SinoJobs, for an interview. The conversation focused on China's advantageous industries and the topics of cultivating, attracting, and retaining foreign talents. Mrs. Zhao also shared her experience in helping companies recruit elite Chinese employees, which drew great interest from the organizers and other companies.

In addition to communicating closely with the organizer, Mrs. Zhao also talked with other HR platforms such as Indeed, Jobware, AZUBIYO and Iventa about the changing trends of the talent market in the past two years, the diversity of recruitment forms in the future and the potential of the Chinese talent market.

SinoJobs also introduced the key recruitment activities as well as the upcoming SinoJobs Online Career Days and Company Open Days, which were well received by many other HR-Teams. In the future, SinoJobs will continue to support domestic and overseas companies with their recruitment projects.

SinoJobs as a guest at the event "Global Minds China" of the Technical University of Munich.


At the invitation of TUM Alumni & Career, Mrs. Xingshu Zhao, CEO and career coach of SinoJobs gave a speech at the " online event "Global Minds China of TUM on June 21, 2022.

Together with speakers from other companies, Mrs. Xingshu Zhao provided the students with information about the job market in China and Germany, which will be a great use to the students in their job search and shared her valuable experience as a senior career coach.  

During the live event, Mrs. Zhao introduced the leading position of SinoJobs in the international recruiting management and the important role of SinoJobs in the job search for international students and job seekers with a detailed presentation. Especially for international students who graduated from German universities, SinoJobs helps students and job seekers in all aspects of their career, including posting job information, application preparation, coaching for online/offline interview, etc.

In addition, Mrs. Xingshu Zhao introduced the successful recruitment events held by SinoJobs in the past, such as SinoJobs Career Days, IAV Berlin Offline Open Day and Xiaopeng Auto Cloud Salon. Mrs. Zhao invited all students to participate in the SinoJobs Online Career Days, which will be held on October 27-28, 2022, and received an overwhelming response. After the presentation, Mrs. Zhao also answered students' questions on various aspects related to working in China.

SinoJobs provides job seekers with the latest job information via WeChat, Xiaohongshu and many other social media platforms at home and abroad. We wish all students and job seekers all the best in their job search

2022.05.25 Tesla Summer Internships Recruitment Live Event


On 25 May 2022, Tesla, with the support of SinoJobs, hosted a live event on the WeChat video platform for the 2023 Summer Internship Recruitment: International Students. The event achieved excellent results: the number of viewers as well as the interaction reached a new high.

Before the live event, SinoJobs conducted a survey to find out students' main concerns about the recruitment event and Tesla, especially among the overseas students.

To make the students be aware of the Tesla Live event, SinoJobs released the preview on several media channels before the event started, including the official SinoJobs WeChat website, WeChat group, Weibo, LinkedIn and Xing.

During the event, the students actively asked questions and received detailed and professional answers from the presenters, which paved the way for a smooth application.

SinoJobs wishes all international students and job seekers good luck with their application!

SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022


On 7. and 8. April 2022, the SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022 were held successfully. SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022 attracted more than 45 leading companies from China and Europe such as Volkswagen Group (China), Mercedes-Benz, BOE, CATL, Evonik and CRRC. At the same time, there were also 20 companies gave their presentations online. The number of active job seekers reached 958. All this is once again a new record in the history of SinoJobs!

Since 2009, SinoJobs has been held the Europe’s Leading Career Days with China focus. Due to the pandemic, the Career Days continued to be held online this year. However, the enthusiasm of job seekers and employers was not reduced. Applicants communicated good with HRs online and viewed the online company presentations. The HRs were also able to collect CVs online, answer questions from the students and even conduct interviews with the applicants.

We would like to thank all the job seekers and employers for your trust and support. SinoJobs will continue working on connecting highly qualified companies with the talented individuals. Whether in China, Germany or across Europe, SinoJobs is always the perfect partner for you.

In October 2022, SinoJobs will organise the Online Career Days Fall 2022 and we welcome the students, job seekers and employers from home and abroad with great enthusiasm as always. We hope the pandemic will be over soon and that SinoJobs will bring job seekers and companies face to face. See you in autumn!

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SinoJobs Online Career Days -- Online Company Presentation: 20 international companies present themselves online for 3 consecutive days!


From 6. to 8. April 2022, with the start of the SinoJobs Online Career Days in April 2022, the Online Company Presentation also started. The event was a great success. During the three days, 20 companies from China and Europe gave their presentations and brought a great number of attractive positions on MS Teams, Tencent Meetings, WeChat Video and Bilibili. The total number of views exceeded 10,000.

On 6. April, the online company presentation with the focus of New Energy firstly opened. In addition to the leading enterprises such as CATL, FEV, Brembo, HiPhi X and AVLShanghai Pudong Bureau of Personnel also explained the favourable policies for the settlement of the overseas students in Shanghai.

On 7. and 8. April, after the official opening of SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022, 13 other companies such as BOE, TRUMPF, Volkswagen Group (China), Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin), Liangdao, IAV, Mercedes-Benz, Evonik Industries Group, Volkswagen (Anhui) and CRRC presented themselves.

As one of the major highlights of SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022, this online company presentation built a direct bridge between the companies and thousands of international students and job seekers from home and abroad.

SinoJobs and the German department of Changchun Normal University hosted an online lecture about students' future career.


On 5 April 2022, the day before the SinoJobs Online Career Day, SinoJobs, together with Changchun Normal University, held a career event on the WeChat Live platform. The event was a bag succeed.

The lecture was given by Mrs. Xingshu Zhao, CEO and career coach of SinoJobs. The aim of this event was to give the students from German Language Department at Changchun Normal University an insight into the European-Chinese working environment and guide them in their future careers with the help of Mrs. Zhao’s 20 years’ experience. The lecture dealt with various aspects of the students' future career, e.g., the question of whether to study abroad or directly enter the job market after graduation, how to plan the future career, and what career opportunities are available for students who study German Language.

In addition, Mrs. Zhao also answered the students' questions in detail. These included: What careers can students who study German Language pursue in the future? Which fields of study are possible for further study in Germany? Will one encounter discrimination, exclusion etc. while working in Germany. Mrs. Zhao also talked about the problems and opportunities that students might encounter in their job search according to her experiences in communicating with the candidates and the SinoJobs Career Days. The students thanked SinoJobs and Mrs. Xingshu Zhao in their comments for the helpful live lecture.

The Event gave the students a lot of valuable advice for their future career paths. In the future, SinoJobs will continue sharing experiences with job seekers and students through this way.  We also look forward to communicating with all job seekers and students offline once the epidemic is over.

Pre-launch: SinoJobs Online Career Days April 2022 - Job Analysis and live event Q&A


SinoJobs hosted three sessions of job analysis and live event Q&A on March 30th, 2022 on Xiaohongshu platform and then on 1. and 2. April simultaneously on WeChat Video and Bilibili platforms for the SinoJobs Career Days in April 2022.

The first session of the job analysis and live event Q&A was held by SinoJobs China General Manager Ms. An Yan on Xiaohongshu. As SinoJobs CEO and career coach Mrs. Zhao Xingshu, Mrs. An Yan is also an expert on the Chinese and European business and working markets. During the session, Mrs. An Yan informed the job seekers about the latest trends in the Chinese and European labour markets, the hiring preferences of Chinese and European companies, and the problems that the job seekers face while applying for jobs. Immediately afterwards, Mrs. An Yan gave a short introduction to SinoJobs and the SinoJobs Online Career Days.

The next two sessions of Job Analysis and Live Event Q&A took place simultaneously on the WeChat Video and Bilibili platforms. These two sessions are designed to give candidates a thorough understanding of the company's background and recruitment requirements. Three SinoJobs career experts, Mrs.  An Yan from Shanghai, Mr. Li Dongxu from Chengdu and Ms. Ying Yumeng from Frankfurt am Main, introduced the 45 exhibitors and provided many useful tips for the job seekers based on their analysis.

At the meeting on 1 April, the three career experts analysed 22 famous Chinese and European companies, including AVL, Volkswagen Group China, IAV, CATL and others. The sectors cover automotive industry, chemical industry, telecommunications, etc. At the meeting on 2 April, our career experts continued analysing the other 23 companies, including Mercedes-Benz, CRRC ZELC, Liangdao, Aery, from the fields such as culture, education, construction, and consulting.

The SinoJobs Online Career Day in April 2022 has already attracted 45 companies and over 800 applicants have been registered for the SinoJobs Online Career Day. SinoJobs hopes that through the three events, job seekers will become more familiar with the SinoJobs Career Days and find their preferred employers at the SinoJobs Career Days am 7. and 8. April 2022 more easily and receive multiple job offers.

2022.3.17 SinoJobs in cooperation with the Nürnberg & Bayreuth Association continues its career training Workshop!


The second SinoJobs career training Workshop was held on 17 March 2022 online through the SinoJobs WeChat Live-Platform as scheduled. As always, the aim of the workshop is: to help the Chinese students in Germany identify their career path, to clear the blind spots in their job searching and then to help them to find the best job.

At the invitation of the students, the SinoJobs career coach, Mrs. Zhao Xingshu, came back online to assist the students with their careers. Mrs. Zhao is well versed in Chinese and German Business Cultural and has a wealth of experience in human resources. She has been dealing with different kind of aspects that related to the Chinese and German job market for so many years. Every year, Mrs. Zhao takes time to attend the career training workshops for Chinese students in Germany and provide them with first-hand information about the job market in China and Germany.

Even before the online live career training, many students had asked career-related questions in the WeChat group, which were also collected and summarised by us. As soon as the online live career training started, a great number of students flocked to the live career training room. For this live career training, Mrs. Zhao Xingshu specially prepared two job advertisements as examples for the students. By analysing the two job advertisements, Mrs. Zhao showed in detail what a good resume looks like in the eyes of HR; how to enrich the resume in the absence of work experience and she also stressed the importance of making changes for the resume according to the job requirements. Mrs. Zhao also talked to the students about how to prepare and respond to the telephone interview and video interview respectively. Throughout the workshop, students enthusiastically asked questions and they all received satisfactory answers.

This live career training workshop can be viewed via SinoJobs WeChat platform. SinoJobs will also provide you with more information on job search in China and Germany from time to time. If you are interested, please stay tuned!

SinoJobs & Verein der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten in Hannover e.V. & Verein der Chinesischen Studenten und Wissenschaftler Leipzig e.V. WeChat Group Live - SinoJobs helps you get the job you want this spring!


On 10 March 2022, SinoJobs organised the first job interview seminar of 2022. The event was organised in cooperation with the associations of Chinese scholars and students in Hannover e.V. and Leipzig e. V. and broadcast live on WeChat. This live event is dedicated to Chinese students looking for jobs in Germany and Chinese graduates in Germany who are facing problems during job interviews in Germany.

The seminar was a great success! The students asked questions and sought contact with the speaker, and all received satisfactory answers.

The speaker for this live broadcast was Ms. Zhao Xingshu. She has almost 20 years of experience in human resources and gave the students many exclusive tips.

Using a questionnaire filled out a few days before the live, SinoJobs identified many of the most important questions that students cared about most and needed answers to. For example: "How to optimise my CV when my internship experience is relatively simple?", "How to deal with unexpected phone interviews", etc.

As the CEO of SinoJobs, Ms. Zhao Xingshu answered all the students' questions during the liven from her professional perspective and with her rich experience. For example, how can you build on your strengths and avoid weaknesses in your CV? How can you get HR to spot your strengths in less than 10 seconds? How to avoid missing the point during an interview and other very important topics were all answered in full and detail during the live broadcast.

SinoJobs is organising a second job search training seminar in cooperation with Nürnberg Chinese Student & Scholar Union and Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Bayreuth on 17 March at 12pm (German time). This seminar will still focus on the most important job search issues for students, answering your questions and helping you with the spring recruitment!

If you are interested, please scan the QR code and join the WeChat group. The next live programme will also be broadcast to the WeChat group in the same way.