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SinoJobs 2023 Highlights Review

2023 marked an extraordinary year of achievement for SinoJobs

After three-year of pause due to the pandemic,  SinoJobs eagerly resumed the offline recruitment activities. Collaborating with nearly a hundred companies, SinoJobs successfully hosted more than twenty recruitment events both domestically and internationally, drawing an attention of tens of thousands of job seekers and establishing a robust platform for communication between companies and candidates.

In addition, SinoJobs also rebooted a series of impactful offline activities across China, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Our diverse activities, ranging from job fairs, German TU9 elite university campus tour, UK top university recruitment events, French corporate open days, and job-seeking salons, facilitated invaluable face-to-face interactions between companies and job seekers, These events have significantly deepened job seekers' comprehension of their aspired companies and career trajectories.

In the digital realm, SinoJobs also launched several innovative online recruitment solutions, including global cloud recruitment platform, live stream job promotions, and HR Conference Online Roundtable. These activities have effectively dismantled geographical constraints, successfully access to global career opportunities.

We are excited to continue our collaboration with you, aiming to provide superior solutions for both local and international recruitment challenges and to foster a dynamic exchange between companies and talent.

As we forge into 2024, SinoJobs remains dedicated to innovation, striving to enhance our platform for both companies and job seekers.