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The 21 most asked HR questions about the Chinese labor law

For those, who want to work or make their business in China, the labor law is always an important but also complex aspect. The labor law and labor contract law, which have been effective since 2008, are regulating employment relationships in China. Labor laws in China cover the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee. However it’s still difficult for many people about how to understand and apply them correctly.

Until February 1st, 2013 the fourth Interpretation of the Chinese Labor Law, which is published by the People’s Supreme Court, came into force. It contains more specific regulations for payment during the non-competition period. But many questions about executing the laws still exist. We want to introduce here a summary of the most frequently asked questions concerning labor and labor contract law, from the written labor contract to the termination rules and their related information.

For more details we recommend the Whitepaper “The 21 most asked HR questions about the Chinese labor law” by Ecovis R&G Consulting Ltd.

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