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Improve Your Chances of Being Invited to an Interview

Have you found your absolute dream job? Now you definitely do not want to make any wrong moves, so that you ensure yourself an invitation to an interview. We have compiled a few tips to help you make an impression from the very first minute, starting with your application paperwork.

Choose the right method
Read the job description from the potential employer carefully. Here you will find important information on writing up your papers. The preferred method of sending these papers is generally stated. Be it through e-mail or an online application form, you should fulfil this request.

Neatly organize your papers
Make it easier for the recipient to file, archive and forward your papers. How do you do that? Consolidate all of your application documents (cover letter, resume, references and attachments) into one file, the size of which should not exceed 3 or 4 MB. Regardless of whether you send this via e-mail or upload it into an online application form, the recipient has to work with only one file and can easily forward it to the respective colleague or archive it.

Provide serious forms of contact

Always provide all methods of contact in your papers or the respective form. Avoid providing a telephone number through which you are not directly accessible. Use a serious e-mail address for sending your paperwork and entries in the contact form. Ideally this consists of your first and last name or initials (e.g. This allows you to directly leave a professional impression on the employer contact.

Make a good impression in person, too
During the application phase always keep an eye on your phone and e-mail inbox in case the potential employer wants to get in touch with you. Always provide your full name when accepting a call. Should the initial contact be made through e-mail, you should adhere to customary etiquette when answering: Address the contact person directly, write up a response free of errors and end the message with a common and polite closing.