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Studying overseas – general tips

Good preparation is part of a successful study program, and this definitely requires up to 18 months of planning. From the first steps up to departure. The internet provides an extremely vast base of information for this preparation phase. The following topics should be considered:

Support from the state
Individual countries in the European Union as well as Greater China have supported the free movement of students and graduates for many years. They have developed diverse programs through which interested individuals receive information on preparation and, above all, financing opportunities for their residency overseas.

What country will I go to?
Choosing a destination country depends on a lot of factors. These could include language mastery, partner universities, friends or relatives abroad, extent of living costs, extent of college fees, experiences of other students and legal regulations. Events in embassies and consulates or cultural institutions such as the Goethe-Institut can also be helpful in the decision-making process. It is important to form a picture early - one of facts - but to also let yourself be guided by instinct. After all, you should enjoy your time overseas.

A semester or an entire degree program overseas?
Young academics are faced with the question of whether they will integrate themselves into the local college education for one or two semesters, or if they will carry out all of their studies there. The latter option comes with the disadvantage of a lack of funding opportunities, such as grants. The advantage of a semester abroad is that it often allows the student to integrate into the national education system as the achievements performed at the host university can count back home.

Selecting a college
Organizations like Study Portals, CUCAS or local organizations like DAAD offer extensive assistance in selecting the right college, regardless of whether it is for one or more semesters abroad, a research stay abroad (e.g. as part of a promotion), or for an internationally oriented degree program in Europe or China.

The following websites provide additional information:

Financing a study abroad
No doubts about it: A sojourn overseas for studying purposes can be expensive. But this should not discourage you from realizing this dream. SinoJobs provides further information on the topic of financing for a study abroad.