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Assessment and visa for studying in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular countries to study for international students. Anybody who wishes to study at a German college has a lot to consider. One very important topic while planning a successful academic stay in Germany is a visa. Special terms for college admission to study in Germany still apply to Chinese students. Below you will find links to the most important information about applying for a visa as well as instructions on the APS assessment for Chinese applicants. These links from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) include questions and answers on the following topics. Please note that these information sites are currently only available in German and Chinese.

Who has to partake in the APS assessment?
Everything about the TestAS
Student visa
Information on applying for a visa

Please note that the questions and answers are currently only available in German and Chinese on the websites of DAAD.

Arrive earlier
Provided there is the opportunity, take some time and arrive before starting your job in order to acquaint yourself in peace with the host culture, a new climate, the local amenities and other unique aspects.

Do not put pressure on yourself. Nobody expects you to perform brilliant achievements after a short amount of time, or to be invited over by friends every day. Take some time for setting up contacts and enjoy the challenge of this one-time experience.

Be aware that we are very strongly shaped by socialization in our home country. What to us are entirely normal actions or attitudes can lead to great misunderstanding or bemusement in other cultures (e.g. the direct communication/direct critique often practiced in Germany). Try to observe a lot and question your own approaches. Then you will profit the most from your residency abroad.

Make some intercultural preparation
Take the opportunities for intercultural preparation. Along with exercises, there is also a lot of specialized literature on the subject.

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