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Proof and certification required for chinese personnel returning from abroad

Two very important documents required of a personnel returning from studying abroad are undoubtedly: the proof of personnel returning from studying abroad and the certification of foreign academic degree. Having these two documents make it convenient for returning students to further their studies in China, look for a job, and participate in the National Civil Service Examination, the National Judicial Examination, the Medical Licensing Examination, and other professional qualification examinations. Furthermore, they get to enjoy the preferential policies set by the country for students returning from foreign countries.

Proof of personnel returning from studying abroad
Proof of personnel returning from studying abroad includes three parts. The first part is kept by the personnel returning from studying abroad him/herself, the second part is to be brought back to home country as proof for tax exemption when purchasing a domestic car, and the third part shall be retained by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the respective country. Application for proof of personnel returning from studying abroad is to be made one month before graduating and returning to the home country. This can be done at the Chinese Consulate General or the Embassy Education Department of the respective European country. Please refer to the official websites of the local consulates for specific information on the application process and required documentation.

Certification of foreign academic degree

Application for certification of foreign academic degree is to be lodged with the Ministry of Education through its Foreign Academic Degree Certification portal. There you can register and apply online, and then submit the required documentation and certification fee to your chosen certification institution. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 20 working days before the certification result can be collected. Within Mainland China, these certification institutions can be located in the major cities; you can also have the certification done in New York and Hong Kong. For more details on the certification process, required documentation, as well as the addresses of the approved certification institutes, please visit the official website of the Foreign Academic Degree Certification. 

The Foreign Academic Degree Certification portal by the Ministry of Education Service Center: