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Why Intern in China

The current competitive job market calls for more than the traditional internship experience. In addition to professional knowledge, employers tend to put increasing value on employees’ cultural and personal competence. Under this circumstance, interning abroad adds a unique experience on your resume and might enhance your future career prospects. Specifically, it helps convince employers that you can work in different cultural settings, are willing to take risks, adaptable to changing market environments and flexible. If you are exploring options for international experiences, allow me to suggest interning in China. Below I offer my top nine reasons why the Middle Kingdom is the perfect place for your internship.

1. Get an experience of the world’s fastest growing consumer economy

The thriving Chinese consumer economy belongs to one of the most competitive markets around the globe. The number of foreign investors and entrepreneurs is uprising. Moreover, the world’s ever largest IPO took place in China with a company known as Alibaba. As a result, this economy gives you a wide range of interning opportunities to gain firsthand experience. Practical knowledge of this market will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

2. Exposure to the unique China business culture and practices.

Studies suggest that the Chinese market experience is absolutely different in that the changes in a month in this market are five times more than what occurs in some fields in other global markets. Internship in this market exposes you to a unique business culture and practices since it is always undergoing a transition in an exceptional manner to forming a distinct business system. This means that business models in other parts of the world cannot be applicable in China.  Knowledge of the Chinese business models will make your resume experiences stand out of the crowd with a unique professional touch and definitely add value to your career.

3. Expanding your network

In Chinese culture, the concept of guanxi is a powerful force. Guanxi is a sort of unspoken code that governs relationships. Relationships are key to many aspects in China and are time consuming to cultivate hence your presence in China will maximize your best interests in advancing your career. The Chinese people frequently do favors to trustworthy partners hence a profound knowledge of individual partners becomes important. This is because they typically prefer to interact and do business with people they know. Networking is not just important in China, it is necessary for a successful career life. Therefore, if you want to have connections in China in the future, you have to be there to make them as more foreign companies are striving to enter the market.

4. Learn the Mandarin language

Mandarin is the most commonly used language in the world. This is due to the thriving Chinese economy which might soon overtake the USA market and emerge to be the world’s largest economy. The best way to grasp this language with much ease is to apply it on a daily basis while interning in the host nation. Nevertheless, knowledge of this language is a great skill on your resume as more foreign companies will be striving to enter the China market. Multiple language skills will also make you desirable to employers.

5. Explore the famous ancient Chinese culture

Besides the spectacular tourist attractions, China has a rich history for you to learn. The Chinese culture which has been under a continuous civilization for over 4,000 years, dates back to the era of Egyptian Pharaohs and the Roman Soldiers. Therefore, if you are interested in history, internships in China should be on the top of your list. Moreover, China has shaped so much of the world with countless number of inventions. Some of the inventions that the Chinese people are credited for include noodles, ice cream and toilet paper, just to mention a few. This and much more is worth understanding from a first-hand experience during your stay in China.

6. Widen your global understanding

Working and living in a foreign country widens your horizons and gives you a totally different experience from what you can expect from your home country. You will definitely experience a new different culture, language and a different perspective on how things are done. This diverse knowledge contributes to personal growth and ability to limit challenges in the global business world. Therefore, interning in this challenging and emerging super power will give an impression that you are ready and willing to work out of your comfort zone which is a huge asset in your career life.


7. China is a country of diverse religions

While all religions can be found in China, most people in the western countries are only familiar with the basic tenets of Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. It is common sense that religion forms the foundation of morals and norms in the societies that we live in, therefore China would be an ideal location which accommodates people from diverse religions with different beliefs. The following religions are also common in the everyday lives of Chinese people: Confucianism, Daoism and Ancestor worship. The “golden rule” that is practiced in the Western world is derived from Judeo-Christian teachings and forms a basis of the legal systems. The Chinese processes are also governed by their belief systems, so exploring these faiths can help you see how they impact approaches to your industry during your internship in China.

8. It is a memorable experience

Acquire memorable lifelong experiences by overcoming the hardships of working in a foreign country from which you can always draw a sign of bravery. Besides this, China offers an array of vistas that will leave a lasting impression. For instance, you will never forget walking the Great Wall of China, seeing the Bund lit up at night and much more. The adventure of interning in China will give you strength, confidence and a sense of curiosity, all of which are incredibly marketable to future employers.

9. Enjoy the Chinese food

Get to enjoy the Chinese food from its country of origin which tastes far much different from what you might have experienced elsewhere. The different Chinese flavors from spicy dishes to sickly sweet entrees offer spectacular tastes to every adventurous individual. Sharing a meal in the Chinese culture means more than the normal daily routine, for instance sharing a bowl of hot pot with your colleagues is a great way to develop your Guanxi (network and relationships).

Take the chance and gain relevant work experience through an internship in Beijing or Shanghai, China. The People’s Republic will never leave you the same.