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Scholarship Programs & Assistance Opportunities

State Support
The homepage of the DAAD provides a very good overview of a range of assistance opportunities. In the scholarship databank interested parties can input their field, their country of choice and their status (for example student, graduate, etc.) and then receive an overview of the available grant programs, offered by the DAAD as well as by external organizations.

The scholarship guide provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research is also very helpful with its extensive database:

Socrates und Erasmus Programs
For over 20 years the European Union has offered funding programs for the increase in mobility of students, graduates and scientists. For example the university program SOKRATES/ERASMUS makes it possible to study at a European university without paying any fees and to receive a mobility allowance. An additional advantage of the program is that the credits accumulated abroad will be fully recognized by the home university.

Education Credit

If support is not available from foreign BAföG or there is a gap to be bridged, an education loan from the Education Credit Program of the federal government could possibly help. Credits are available in the amount of 1,000 to 7,200 Euros with a median annual percentage rate of 2.15.
It is even available independent of your own earning capacity or parents’ assets. All the information can be found at on the homepage in the column for “citizens”, click on “education credit” in the middle section.)

Foreign Bafög

Students with a permanent residence in Germany can receive BAföG support for a subject oriented stay in a foreign country, the so-called foreign education support. So that everything goes smoothly, getting organized in a timely manner is especially important. No later than six months before the start of your foreign stay you should apply for foreign BAföG with the appropriate office of foreign support. In addition it can be a good idea to file an application for a preliminary ruling, to find out in time if an entitlement exists and if you can count on the assistance.

Minimum Length of Study Abroad

The study time abroad must be for at least one semester to receive support. In general the allowance comprises the same amount that you could receive in Germany. However various additional supplements for travel there and back, medical insurance and tuition fees are provided.

Support from Foundations

Several foundations support scholarships for gifted German students who would like to study in another country. Some worth mentioning, among others are:

Important: Some of the institutions are affiliated with a specific party. For this reason you should study their respective support tenets and principles and be sure these are a fit for you.
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is recommended to graduates with oversees plans. At you can search for target-specific assistance programs.