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Prerequisites and Necessary Documents for Foreigners working in PR China

1.    Prerequisites
Foreigners who want to work in China have to satisfy the following criteria:
18 years old or above; Healthy; No crime record; Own the offer to work in China from a certain company; Have the experience, ability and skill to do his job; Hold valid passport.

2.    Necessary Documents

Employment License for Foreigners;
Working Visa;
Employment Permit for Foreigners;
Residence Certificate for Foreigners.

3.    Application for the Necessary Documents

Employment License for Foreigners

The applicant should hand in the following documents to the employer, then the employer shall apply it for the applicant:
Resume in Chinese;
Original Copy and Translation of Degree Certificate; (The translation has to be made by professional translation company with their official seal on the translation copy)
Copy of Valid Passport;
Copy of Health Condition; (Applicant shall have the physical examination in the public hospital in his country, and go to the China Embassy in his country to get the examination result authenticated;
One Passport Photo;
Original Copy of the Proof of 2-year-or-above Related Work Experience; (The Proof shall be issued by the former employer, indicating the exact start date and end date of the former job as well as the name of the company; The proof need to be translated by professional translation company with their official seal on the translation copy)
Other Documents Required by the Employer.

Working Visa

See the Visa Section

Employment Permit for Foreigners

After arriving in China, the employer shall apply the Employment Permit for the applicant within 15 days.

Residence Certificate for Foreigners
After getting the Employment Permit, the applicant shall hold it to the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for Residence Certificate. The application have to be made within 30 days upon arrival.