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Work Visa for China

A Chinese work visa is required as a foreigner to work in the People’s Republic of China. A typical case that would require a work visa for China would for example be the dispatch of an employee by a German, Austrian or Swiss employer to China to work in the Chinese branch office.

Applying for a work visa for China

Several steps are required to apply for a Chinese work visa. In any case to start with there is the Chinese work permit and a Chinese invitation letter.

These documents are usually obtained by the employer, by applying for a work permit with the Chinese authorities, like the ministry for work and social security, or the department for matters of foreign experts, and by obtaining an invitation letter from the corresponding company.

Subsequently with the obtained work permit and invitation letter, a short term work visa for one month is applied for with the Chinese embassy or consulate. For this the following documents are additionally required:

  • Passport photo
  • Passport
  • China visa application form

With this one month work visa you can enter China and begin your employment.

In China then the work visa must be converted to a certificate of employment at the Chinese employment office, which the employer usually takes care of. As a general rule a medical examination done locally is necessary for this.

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