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Visitor’s Visa for China

A visitor’s visa is applied for to visit acquaintances in China. This can include Chinese citizens or also foreigners who are temporarily working or studying in China. A Chinese visitor’s visa is a subtype of the tourist visa (L visa). The difference between them is that instead of hotel and flight confirmations, only the invitation of a person living in China must be presented.

With a visitor’s visa the maximum length of stay in China is 60 days. In the case of a visitor’s visa being issued for two entries, both entries must take place within 90 days and can each only last a maximum of 30 days.

Since September 2013 for visits of more than 60 days, a family member visa (type Q visa or S visa) must be applied for. For this however, marriage licenses or birth certificates must be presented to prove close family ties to the host in China (parents, children, siblings and their spouses).

The basis for a visitor’s visa is the submission of a private invitation. This must contain the address and phone number of the host, and the full name of the guest has to be included. His passport number and birthdate must also be provided. The invitation must be expressed for a specific period of time (from … to …). The invitation is then signed by hand, scanned and sent to Germany as an attachment. It can be issued in the languages German, English or Chinese.

The private invitation will only be accepted by the visa office when a copy of the host’s identification is included. If the host has Chinese citizenship the invitation must include a copy of his ID card (front and back sides). If the host is a foreigner living in China the invitation must include a copy of his passport (first page with photo) and the China visa (or residence permit) it contains. An example of a private invitation can be requested from the company China Visum Express.

Applying for a visitor’s visa for China

The completed application including the attachments must be presented in person at the China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). If you wish to apply for the visa by mail, visa agencies are available to assist. The company China Visum Express, for example, can help you get a China visa within 72 hours. An application by mail directly to the CVASC is not recommended because a flat rate of 71.40 is charged and the processing time takes at least two weeks.

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