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Student Visa for China

To study at a university in China a Chinese student visa (X1 visa, X2 visa) is required. As long as the studies or school visit do not take longer than 180 days, then only an X2 visa is issued. The application process however is the same, except that no health certificate has to be presented for the visa. Language courses, Kung-Fu courses or courses in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are usually completed with an X2 visa.

Validity and length of a student visa

With a student visa (X), only a single entry into China is possible. Within 30 days of arrival in China it must be converted into a residence permit with the police. The residence permit will be pasted into the passport like the visa and allows the passport bearer to leave China at any time and re-enter again.The residence permit is usually issued for one year and can, for continuation of your studies, before expiration of the initial year, be extended for an additional year.

Applying for a student visa in China
The completed application including the attachments must be presented in person at the China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). If you wish to apply for the visa by mail, visa agencies are available to assist. The company China Visum Express, for example, can help you get a China visa within 72 hours (no charge info hotline 030 – 96 51 31 20). An application by mail directly to the CVASC is not recommended because a flat rate of 71.40 is charged and the processing time takes at least two weeks.

Forms & documents for a China student visa

To apply for a student visa in China the following documents and forms are required:

  • Passport (valid for at least 6 more months)
  • Passport photo
  • Application form China visa
  • Enrollment or acceptance letter from the Chinese university or comparable institution (original)
  • Invitation form JW201 or JW 202 (original)

For additional questions and a personal consultation on the topic of a “Chinese student visa, X1 or X2 visa” the following visa agency, among others, is gladly at your service: China Visum Express

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