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Business Visa for China

A business visa for China (M visa) is requested for entrance into China for commercial reasons. These could for example be business negotiations, meetings, trade show visits or exhibiting, training or field installation.

As a rule a business visa is issued for a visitation time period of 30 days. Stays of 60 or 90 days are also possible, provided that clear grounds are given in the business invitation why a shorter stay is not sufficient. Business stays of more than 90 (maximum 180) days are possible upon presentation of an “invitation of a duly authorized unit.” A work visa should be applied for if the business stay will be longer than 180 days duration.

The basis for application for a business visa is the submission of an invitation from your Chinese business partner. This must be issued on company letterhead and contain the address and phone number of the company. The full name of the guest has to be included. His passport number and birthdate must also be provided. The invitation must be expressed for a specific period of time (from … to …). The invitation is then signed by hand and stamped with the company’s registered chop. Then it is scanned and sent to Germany as an attachment. An example of a correct business invitation can be requested from the company China Visum Express.

The business visa application can either be filled out for a single or double entry (both entries within 90 days after issuance of the visa). A “double entry visa” especially makes sense if you are visiting a country from China that borders it, like Hong Kong or Macao, and wish to return to China from there. Both entry dates must be within 90 days of visa issuance. The departure date however can be later if applicable.

Multiple entries within a time frame of six or even 12 months are possible. For a 12 month multiple entry visa however, presentation of an official invitation is required. (A sample of an official invitation can be requested from the company China Visum Express). In no official invitation is present, a multiple entry visa will only be issued for a maximum of six months. For this, three entries into China within the last 24 months must be demonstrated (your passport will be checked by the visa office for visas and entry stamps). If the stamps were made in a previous passport, copies of this can be submitted. (Please photocopy the photo page and the visa page with stamp!)

Applying for a China Business Visa

The completed application including the attachments must be presented in person at the China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). If you wish to apply for the visa by mail, visa agencies are available to assist. The company China Visum Express, for example, can help you get a China visa within 72 hours. An application by mail directly to the CVASC is not recommended because a flat rate of 71.40 is charged and the processing time takes at least two weeks.

For additional questions and a personal consultation on the topic of a “Chinese business visa or M visa” the following visa agency, among others, is gladly at your service: China Visum Express 

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