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Choose BARMER as your health insurance

This is your BARMER

With 8.4 million policy holders, BARMER is one of the largest statutory health insurance providers in Germany. Our online ‘branch’, service app, and consultant chat provide you with a practical, convenient way to reach us either from your mobile phone or from home. You can also visit us locally in one of our branches. Wherever or whenever you need your health insurer: we are always there for you. Healthcare, taken one step further.

Powerful service for your health

Here’s what we know: If you contact your health insurance provider, it’s because you need help. We are serious about being service-oriented, and what we offer goes beyond the statutory requirements. We support you before, during, and after treatment. Alongside many other services, our BARMER Teledoctor is there to answer your questions, and our waiting time management system ensures you receive help from a specialist physician quickly.

The best services for the whole family

Every family member has his or her own needs. As the top health insurance provider for families, we want to meet these needs. Your children’s well-being is particularly important to us. In addition to our Program for Children and Young People, we offer services such as:

  • Early dental prevention from the age of 6 months
  • App on prescription for the treatment of visual defects
  • Support for many naturopathic treatments

Our extra preventive services

We believe in the motto “Prevention is better than cure,” and so our service to you starts while you are still healthy. Our prevention programs go above and beyond the statutory level. For instance, we reimburse part of the cost of health courses, and our stress prevention program can help you avoid burnout.

Flexible optional tariffs

You’re spontaneous, health-conscious and have a flexible attitude to life? Your health insurance provider is just the same. BARMER offers various optional tariffs for you to choose from and the chance to make savings. The tariffs are based on your personal life situation and provide everything you need from your health insurance provider.

Best care – when emergencies happen

You need to go to the hospital? With us, you can choose to receive treatment at any of our network hospitals. BARMER is also there for you should you require rehabilitation or long-term care. We are the only health insurance provider to support the innovative robot-assisted ROREAS treatment for strokes. In North Rhine-Westphalia, we already offer new, innovative short blocks of seminars for relatives who are caregivers.

Attractive extras

A health insurance provider that is as varied as life itself: With its many extras, BARMER adapts to suit your needs. If you consciously lead a healthy lifestyle, you can save with our bonus program. Just collect points for activities that contribute to good health, using our BARMER Bonus-App. You can then trade these points in for attractive health benefits or reward items.