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7 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Resume

While many people get into comfort zones as soon as they have stable jobs, it is wise that you keep updating your resume now and then. Though it sounds quite uncalled for, you need to rewrite your old resume for you never know what the future holds for you.

Now that you know resume updates are not a reserve of those looking for jobs, keep reading for a better and detailed insight on the same.

1.    Better understanding of oneself

Every role played in life reflects who you are. A person’s resume has his/her feel or touch. This ‘touch’ defines you. Analysing the jobs awarded to you in the past helps you understand what you love and what you do not. You can further list why you either loved or hated working at a particular place.

All the information collected from search analytics only helps you better yourself. This way, you will have a clear-cut blue print of the kind of job and working the environment you want in the future.

2.    Jogging your memory on previous fetes and skills acquired

Many people think of CVs as documents that list achievements for the sake of impressing potential employers. What they do not know is that the very same CV reminds them of what they have been through over the years in a chronological order.

With this kind of journalising of events, you can keep track of changes as well as predict what the future holds for you. There is also that simple course you took years ago and might have completely forgotten about. Take a glance on your CV and you will realise just how much you have been missing on.

3.    Raising the levels of hope

Having a slow day at work? Well, it is high time you had a look at your CV.  Looking at what you have accomplished so far could raise your hopes. You can look at it as a source of motivation. While at it, you might also realise you had left out a few important things, which if added could give your CV more colour.

In the long run, you will have killed two birds with one stone for you get your spirit uplifted as well as discover and correct any errors at the same time.

4.    Assessing teachings earned and listing areas that need improving

Learning is a progressive process. Often sit down and ask yourself: what have I learnt in the last few days? Are there areas where I went wrong? What can I do to avoid going wrong in the future? What did I learn from the wrongs committed? Such positive criticism leads to an ‘improved version of yourself’.

5.    Unearthing the thrust that keeps you going

Are you uncertain with regards to your future? Are you of the opinion that there is that specific factor that urges you to move on? Perhaps, what you do not know is that this 'key' lies in your CV. Look at the jobs where you have excelled, and that without a doubt, is where your 'thrust' lies. It would, therefore, be right to say that CV reviewing is a ticket to a better future if used wisely.

6.    Listing and investing in strong points

List and work on the skills you feel most comfortable utilizing. It eventually leads to happiness and correlatively, you find yourself excelling at work.

Have you made use of your strengths in the past? What were the benefits? How should you improve when it comes to utilizing favourite skills? Such questions are geared towards identifying how you can best exploit your strengths.

7.    Bracing oneself for the worst of times

Though many would like to live in oblivion of the fact that things go wrong at times, it is the sad reality. You do not know when the call for a new job might come knocking. For those who have their CVs up-to-date, they will waste very little time hopping from one job to another. Take for instance; you are seated in your stuffy office on a hot afternoon. Out of nowhere, your boss comes in and hands you your lay-off letter. What next? This is one question those in constant review of their resumes will not find hard to answer.


It is time wasting yes, and resource consuming, however, it is worth it! Furthermore, once you get used to reviewing your resume often, it will take the least of efforts henceforth. You also stand to benefit largely in terms of personal development.