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Interview with Burgmann Packings Group

In an Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Bommes, Owner and Chairman of the Group


1.     In which market(s) does your company operate? What products / services does it offer?
The Burgmann Packings Group produces sealing solutions for industry in general. Its product portfolio includes stuffing box packing and graphite rings for application in industrial fittings and pumps, as well as metallic gaskets, such as for pipelines in the processing industry. We pay special attention to the development of products with extremely low leakage rates to reduce diffuse emissions, thereby making a crucial contribution to environmental protection and plant efficiency. We deliver our products to over 30 countries around the globe.

2.     How long has your company been active in China? In which locations in China is it currently active?
Our local subsidiary is located in Cixi, in Zhejiang Province. There we have been developing and producing successful sealing solutions since the late 1990s. The company's predecessor was a former state-operated company with decades of experience in sealing technology.

3.     Why is your company also an attractive employer in Greater China?
The origins of the Burgmann Packings Group dates back more than 130 years. Combined with the dynamic growth in China and our position as the technological leader in fugitive emission control (FEC) products, we are constantly expanding our market share. That is why we are always looking for the best candidates to support us in further growing the company and to potentially take on management responsibility.

4.    What skills are you looking for in a candidate for your China business?
We are currently looking for employees for Finance, Product Management & Product Marketing, and interns. First our new employees undergo a special training program in Germany, in order to get acquainted with the company and its business. During this time the new talents will work hand-in-hand with experienced employees so they can learn on the job. Independently working on projects is also one of the tasks in Germany. After completing their residency in Germany the employees will travel to China to work as multipliers and to take on more responsibility as a result. Candidates from the areas of Business Administration, Finance, Engineering, and Marketing are the primary focus for our recruitment.

5.     Why are candidates with an EU-China background especially interesting for your company?

From an internal perspective, it makes things a lot easier when employees have been able to acquire intercultural skills, such as by studying abroad in Germany. The understanding of both cultural spheres is an important requirement for quickly and efficiently adjusting to changing market conditions and customer demands, and sometimes for mediating between "both worlds". The rules of management are, in theory, the same around the world. However, without awareness of the intercultural context, the implementation and achievement of results will be difficult.


Burgmann Packings Group

Burgmann Packings Group

Robert-Koch-Str. 1
82547 Eurasburg, Germany

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Dr. Wolfgang Bommes

Dr. Wolfgang Bommes
Owner and Chairman of the Group