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This accursed fashion – five ideas for independence

by Marlies Smits

It's time again for a new etiquette tip.

In this edition I will be dealing with the zeitgeist in clothing. We are all subconsciously influenced by trends and fads, some more, some less.

So that you don't turn into a 'fashion victim' I have compiled five possibilities for you to ensure your individuality in all things fashion. Because who wants to blindly throw themselves at the mercy of what the designer dictates?


This accursed fashion – five ideas for independence

Just to get it out of the way now: I have a distinct fashion sense and a lot of fun with this major irrelevancy. It makes me happy to work with the current trends, new color creations and more or less beneficial cuts each season.

And yet I always sympathize when I encounter people, usually my fellow ladies, with incredibly fashionable, but (for them) poorly cut, articles of clothing.

One could certainly argue that it comes down to taste, but women are often simply overcome by the newest styles.

But it is also quite difficult to resist; for instance, hanging in the racks of every store are mainly pink pieces of clothing, a color that may actually lend the wearer a greenish tone to their face. Sometime, usually around the end of the season, the buyer simply softens up and thinks, "That looks so good on everybody else, I'll just buy one for myself as well."


The first rule of independence is thus:

Pay attention to the color!Most people intuitively know what color looks good on them. Pay attention to your gut and leave whatever doesn't belong to your personal color family on the rack. You still want to own something in the current trendy color? No problem; wear it as far away from your face as possible, so a skirt or leggings would be plausible. Or make sure that other, more personally beneficial tones play a role in that article of clothing.


The second rule of independence concerns your mirror:

Your mirror is your friend!  Heed its assessment and trust it. Be critical when it comes to the fit and proportions. To tight, too broad, too short, too long? You should know your figure and put everything that's beneficial in the forefront; then the small imperfections will automatically fade into the background. Little secret tip:A good tailor can work wonders, changing the desired area so that it perfectly fits you and your profile. Everything that emphasizes your figure is paramount for your self-esteem.


The third rule of independence

Emphasize your own type!  To do that you have to know what it is. Take an hour, preferably with a nice cappuccino or a cup of tea, and think about it. Do you feel good in playful clothing, prefer it more sporty or is a breath of elegance more your style? Do you love glitz and glamor, or should it be more of an understatement? Consider these questions, mentally go through your wardrobe, your shoes, your accessories. These are all reference points. Of course our clothing also depends on the situation, but a sporty body will also not be able to handle the frills and loops of some eveningwear.


The fourth rule of independence

Quality, quality, quality!  This should not be confused with 'expensive'. For me it's not about label or brand, but high-quality materials. What use is a shirt that loses its shape after a week, or a jacket that soon collects heat, leading us to immediately think that our deodorant has failed us? The basis of your wardrobe should have the best quality you can afford. This investment is always worth it, as you will be able to wear these pieces for a long time. The more you think of the long-term, the less you will be prepared to make compromises. This form of luxury thus pays off, and also grants us an irresistible feeling.


The fifth rule of independence

Invest in timeless shoes!Great shoes exponentially enhance your appearance. Don't you always look at a stranger's shoes first? Precisely! Only a suitable shoe can make an outfit complete, giving it that special something. However, it must be cared for and be in tip-top shape just like the rest of the wardrobe. Deteriorating heels, water stains or dirt are taboo. Avoid anything extreme when shopping; it should not be too angular, too round or too pointy. Instead it should be comfortable and not cause any pain. Pick the heels you can walk well in. High heels are only sexy if their wearer can also move around independently in them.


Now you know my five rules of independence. With these simple instructions you will definitely have an easier time integrating stylish trends into your clothing and looking great doing so.

Spice up your basics with current trendy pieces and create your own personalized style.

However, please do not forget to note the expiration date of your pieces of fashion. Nothing has less style than an outfit that is no longer fashionably relevant.


I wish you the best of luck in discovering, combining, shopping ...

Marlies Smits

Haberkamp 60
22927 Großhansdorf