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Checklist for a successful interview

Nervous about your interview? Not with the proper checklist!

Naturally, it is understandable that an affair as crucial as an interview inspires tension in many applicants. However, there is no reason to get nervous provided one observes the most important rules.

Experts also refer to the checklist with the most important things to remember if you want to successfully pass your interview.Listed below are the most important criteria for suitable preparation, a successful discussion and a productive follow-up.

  • Researching information about the company and industry beforehand
  • Awareness of the requirements and the range of duty
  • Overview of one's own prior development and working on self-presentation (possibly with help from a coach)
  • Ascertaining the range of the position's salary and clarification of one's own desired salary
  • Preparing intelligent questions (about the company, initial training, ongoing or upcoming projects, opportunities for continued education, etc.)
  • If necessary, preparing an explanation for hiatuses, gaps in employment history or career setbacks
  • Figuring out the proper name and title of the interviewer
  • Fundamental planning of arrival and calculation of commute time
  • Bringing along a notepad and pen
  • Appropriate dress (consider prior dress code experience)
  • Turn off mobile phone
  • Bring along complete, organized documents and/or an application file to the appointment
  • Be punctual, but do not arrive too early (5-10 minutes beforehand will suffice)
  • Pay attention to the employer and notes
  • Relaxed and cordial demeanor, not too dominant, but confident
  • Precision and honesty during the discussion
  • Concentrating on the main objective
  • Emphasizing personal successes and constructive formulation of negatives
  • Awareness of one's own strengths and most important skills, including good examples
  • Contacting the primary interviewer after the interview (send a brief e-mail and reiterate interest in the position)
  • Post-processing and summarization of the discussion

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