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SinoJobs: Your next career move is waiting for you!

SinoJobs offers the best opportunities for your next career move, whether you are actively looking for a new challenge or are simply open to interesting job postings aimed at you. In the European-Chinese context, SinoJobs is the leading Job Portal. Here, companies are searching for the best candidates for their organizations.

More than 1,600 companies, recruitment firms, headhunters and agencies are represented on SinoJobs. Among them are renowned companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler and Siemens, as well as successful small- and medium-sized businesses.

You will receive an Email from us once a week, giving you an overview of current job offers. Therefore, you are always informed of the most recent job postings and can apply immediately. Your Candidate-Account allows you to simply save job advertisement by just one click. 

CV Database
 Let yourself be found by your future employer by uploading your resume into the SinoJobs CV Database; your resume stays 100% anonymous and secure, unless you release it for an employer on request. When applying for a new job, your CV can automatically be displayed, making your applications quick and easy.


Your SinoJobs applicant account allows you to register for the SinoJobs Career Days (Jobfair) as well for different online webinars organised by us.

 Take advantage of the benefits SinoJobs offers you.

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