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Test Stands Engineer




合肥, Anhui, China


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江淮大众汽车有限公司于2017年12月22日成立,是安徽省先进制造业发展“一号工程”。根据2020年江淮汽车集团与大众汽车集团新战略合作协议,将深化股权改革,加速引进大众先进平台技术产品,并将大众新能源汽车中国总部和基地落户合肥,强化公司研发中心总部定位等。2020年12月2日,新战略合作项目完成交割,江淮大众汽车有限公司更名为大众汽车(安徽)有限公司。在大众汽车(安徽)有限公司揭牌的同时,两年前开工建设的研发中心竣工;新的制造基地开工,将建设规模更加完备的纯电动车型工厂。 Job Responsibility:
1.Inspection / Documentation / Cost Control.
2.Repair and specialized Support of Systems and Components.
3.Improvement of the systems and components to be supported.
4.Analysis of weak points and initiation of countermeasures.
5.Analysis of damages and development of suitable improvements.
6.Functional tests in existing and new plant areas.
7.Know-how transfer to maintenance / shift operation.

Job Requirement:
1.Knowledge about VASS Standard and VW Systems.
2.Mechanical and Electronic components and Systems.
Responsible for process optimization and monitoring of the systems.
3.Supervision of mechanical and electrical components.
4.Driver Assistance Systems Test Bench.
Axles, steering and headlights test stand.
5.Rollers test stand.
6.Spare parts management.
7.Drive technologies.
8.Knowledge of current electrical and mechanical systems in body shop.

Education:Bachelor; Language:English; Major:Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Process Engineering.