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Technical Engineer for Biogas plant




Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


Festanstellungen Vollzeit, Bachelor-/Master-/Diplom-/Dr.-Arbeiten



Nanjing General Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 1992, located in Nanjing High-Tech Development Zone,on the north side of YangziRiver. The company is mainly engaged in energy-saving environmental protection products, as well as new energy power technology research and development, application and promotion.

The company’s main products are dry slag machine, and wet electrostatic precipitator for thermal power plant. There are more than 100 application performances of dry slag remover, and more than 10 WESP projects applied on 600MW units. Both technologies are the leading domestic level.

Since 2010, the company started to develop new energy power. It set up a subsidiary in November of 2010, named Nanjing General New Energy Power Co., Ltd, and built the first biogas plant with the substrate of maize straw.

The biogas plant was cooperated with Germany company, the annual consumption of 40,000 tons of maize straw, and produce 16,000,000 kWh electricity every year. It’s a demonstration project of biomass resource recycling.

1. Education Requirements:

Bachelor degree or higher, major in Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation, Thermal Power Engineering, Solid waste disposal technology or related majors.

2. Job Description:

  1. Mainly responsible for liaison work with German companies.
  2.  Responsible for technical exchange and business negotiation with German Biogas Engineering Company;
  3. Responsible for the docking with the German biogas equipment manufacturers, biogas equipment consulting and procurement;
  4. Responsible for providing on-site construction, installation and operation support for Biogas Project

3. Skill Requirements:

  1. Chinese as native language;
  2. More than one year internship experience in Germany, with new energy - related work experience is preferred;
  3. Proficiency in German and English language, has good interpreting ability, as well as technical and business translation ability.
  4. Has a certain understanding of new energy field, especially the biomass power generation industry, with full of confidence in the industry’s future, and with strong learning and transformation capabilities;
  5. Be able to adapt to the long-term stay on the project site.