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Sr. Controls Engineer/Engineer for Hydraulic System Innovation(Job location: Aachen, Germany)




Job location: Aachen, Germany , Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland


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Weichai Power (Germany) Technology Innovation Center was established in Germany on November 19, 2017.

1.WPSTIC is a product innovation center of WP in Europe.
2.WPSTIC focuses its efforts on tracking, analyzing, and researching for most advanced technologies in Hydraulics andin newenergy.
3.The research project of WPSTIC must meet the Group's strategic goals, with what no one has done before. The research results of the WPSTIC will be transformed into products of Weichai Group 

Innovation areas: 
Smart hydraulic systems, Smart hydraulics components, Smart sensing technologies, Smart electronic controls, Smart power integration. Advanced manufacturing technologies. New energies

Responsible for:
➢ Hydraulic system innovation
▪ Propose hydraulic system  design parameters according to the machine performance requirements
▪ Design and analyzed hydraulic system schematics (mainly for crawler hydraulic excavators)
▪ Provide, calculate, and select the specific performance requirements for the related hydraulic components
▪ Design controls for hydraulic systems
▪ Design and create diagnostics and prognostics for hydraulic systems and components
▪ Hydraulic system simulations
▪ Design and implement various tests
▪ Document research reports
➢ Commercialize research results
▪ Feasibility analysis
▪ Market and cost analysis
➢ Organize technical meetings and report the results

Skill requirements:
➢ Hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, Electromechanical engineering
➢ Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.  degree
➢ Have a solid understanding of hydraulic engineering and controls theory
➢ Understand basics of computer control software and hardware
➢ Familiar with hydraulic system working principle and control methods
➢ Familiar with the working principles of pumps, valves, motors, and cylinders of hydraulic system
➢ Familiar with hydraulic system simulation software (e.g. Matlab / Simulink, AMESim)
➢ Strong communication skills
➢ Fluent in English
➢ A team player
➢ More than 5 years of related experience

Preferred,not necessary
➢ Hydraulic system design experience and hydraulic control design capability is preferred
➢ Hydraulic components integrated ability is preferred
➢ Pioneering thinking and innovative mindset

Job location: Aachen, Germany