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Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland


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极智嘉科技有限公司是一家全球AMR市场占有率第一*的智能机器人企业,提供全品类物流机器人产品线和解决方案,赋能企业实现物流智能化转型升级。目前,极智嘉已在全球部署超10,000台AMR机器人,拥有遍及20国的全球化销售、运营和服务能力,赋能耐克、迪卡侬、沃尔玛、丰田、苏宁等全球近300家知名品牌,包括近40家世界500强企业,商业落地规模领先业界。极智嘉成立于2015年,总部位于中国北京,在亚太、欧洲和北美均设有办公室。极智嘉已连续两年成功入选《机器人商业评论》(Robotics Business Review)的年度RBR50全球Top 50机器人企业榜单,更是2020年唯一上榜的中国企业。

  1. Design the network architecture and configuration according to the planning requirements of the customer's warehouse design.
  2. Responsible for the creation of technical tender documents (IT architecture, network configuration, database, etc.) in the tender process, responsible for training and guiding customers and supporting customers in solving IT-related problems;
  3. Responsible for writing IT problem knowledge and related FAQ documents and regularly empowering employees;
  4. Responsible for debugging project site systems, demonstrating applications, and communicating and coordinating with the HQ IT team;
  5. Responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the customer's network and software system, troubleshooting, technical analysis and providing solutions or suggestions
  6. Providing the layout design for pre-sale projects according to the request requests provided by the users;
  7. Responsible for the logistics plan and process design to be carried out according to the customer's business characteristics.
  8. Responsible for tracking and technical sharing of planning and design projects. Create the design plan for PPT and demonstrate it to the client.
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree and above, preferred majored in logistic, mechanism, automation.
  2. 3-5 years working experience in logistic solution.
  3. Good at data analytics, in-depth industry know-how and knowledge.
  4. Good at Powerpoint & Excel
  5. Excellent at AutoCaD and Mechanic drawing.
  6. Good at communication and coordination, team player.
  7. Travel friendly.