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Service Supervisor




Duesseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland


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About Huawei

· Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population.

· Our business language is English: Unlike other players in the industry, we truly offer an English language dominated environment. This means: the opportunity to work in a multinational with people from multiple backgrounds- a deep enhancement for any resume.

· We seek and reward talent. At Huawei, if you are driven and show results, you will see these efforts rewarded. We have a culture that rewards hard work and dedication. We don’t take people for granted.

· 18 locations in Germany. 5 Research & Development Centers. 1600+ employees in Germany. Yes, we are growing!

· We operate globally! We are the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and we are going for more every day. Who wouldn’t want to have this on their resume?

· We are friendly and we like it that way: At Huawei, we have a nice working environment. Doors are open, and people collaborate with each other in a non-political manner. It’s fun coming to work!

· We offer international real professional development opportunities. Anywhere you are, Huawei is there!

· We are diverse, and we embrace it - We have more than 150 nationalities worldwide. Working at Huawei, not only will you grow as a professional, but you will enrich your life!

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Education Requirement:

  • In principle, college degree or above.

Experience Requirement:

  • At least 1 year experiences in store management. Those graduates who are particularly outstanding and have strong learning capacity, communication skills, excellent service spirit as well as high potential are also welcome. High matching between the work experiences and position requirements.
  1. Good understanding of store operation methods and standard service processes. Be able to supervise and manage the stores in corresponding region.
  2. Good understanding of consumers' psychology. Be able to handle complicated complaints and crises.
  3. Good at information collection and analysis. Be able to develop effective improvement scheme based on the analysis.

Core responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for guiding, supervising and managing the operation of authorized store in corresponding region.
  2. Responsible for customers' satisfaction of authorized store.

Responsibility description:

  1. Deliver Huawei management and service concept to the suppliers by communicating regularly with them.
  2. Copy the excellent service experience from exclusive stores to authorized stores.
  3. Conduct onsite guidance in authorized stores. Find the potential problems of the operation and improve the service quality.
  4. Coordinate with the store manager to handle customer complaints and crises.
  5. Visit the authorized stores routinely to make sure the operation meets company standards.
  6. Understand the request of suppliers and help them solve problems.
  7. Collect the operating information of competitive authorized store and propose improvement suggestion for Huawei authorized store operation.
  8. Collect and conduct analysis of background data, including TAT, satisfaction, spare parts support condition, etc. and propose improvement measures.