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Service Operation Specialist




Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland






About Huawei

  • Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. 

  • Our business language is English: Unlike other players in the industry, we truly offer an English language dominated environment. This means: the opportunity to work in a multinational with people from multiple backgrounds- a deep enhancement for any resume.

  • We seek and reward talent. At Huawei, if you are driven and show results, you will see these efforts rewarded. We have a culture that rewards hard work and dedication. We don’t take people for granted.

  • 18 locations in Germany. 5 Research & Development Centers. 1600+ employees in Germany.  Yes, we are growing!

  • We operate globally!  We are the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and we are going for more every day.  Who wouldn’t want to have this on their resume?

  • We are friendly and we like it that way:  At Huawei, we have a nice working environment. Doors are open, and people collaborate with each other in a non-political manner. It’s fun coming to work!

  • We offer international real professional development opportunities. Anywhere you are, Huawei is there!

  • We are diverse, and we embrace it - We have more than 150 nationalities worldwide. Working at Huawei, not only will you grow as a professional, but you will enrich your life!


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Main Responsibilities:


  1. Organize the meeting for Germany SOA operation analysis weekly, identify business exception and problem, and push the improvement of business departments.

  2. Analyze VOC from questionnaire, identify top issues and push business departments to make improvements.

  3. Linkage with Finance to monitor the change trend of service cost rate of Germany Device Service Dept, identify TopN measures for cost control, and monitor improvement.

  4. Communicate with audit and inspection departments, identify key business risks in the Germany Device Service Dept and develop and implement improvement measures.

  5. Monitor the execution of Germany Device Service Dept based on the GPDR risks identified by regions.





  • Work experience requirements:

  • Preferentially consider the people who have the capability to service operation work for electrical household appliances or communications products.


  • General requirements:

  • Strong communication skills, you have a natural talent to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds

  • It will be better that familiar with the consumer products

  • Highly organized and target orientated

  • Able and eager to learn new skills


  • Language

  • English