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Senior Sales Manager




Düsseldorf, Deutschland





Founded in 1995 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020, GONEO is one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China. We specialize in the research, development, production and sales of civil electrical products. Our business is mainly divided into three main segments, namely the field of electrical connection products mainly in converters, the field of intelligent electric lighting mainly in wall switches, LED lighting and household electrical appliances, and the field of new energy mainly in charging piles, charging guns and energy storage equipment, which has become a well-known household brand in China and is widely welcomed by consumers, and is widely used in home, office, outdoor and other power consumption Bull has formed a long-term sustainable development industrial layout around the field of civil electrician and lighting.


  1. Develop and maintain a variety of sales channels and business partner relationships, actively seek and seize business opportunities, and be responsible for achieving sales targets, including the development of new customers, maintenance of existing customers, execution of contracts, and after-sales support.
  2. Develop and implement market sales strategies and pricing systems, make adjustments based on market feedback and competition, and ensure the company's market position and profits.
  3. Manage sales, including order collection, customer feedback collation and analysis, and provide comprehensive solutions to meet customer needs.
  4. Regularly track sales data, analyze the sales situation, identify problems and optimize sales processes.
  5. Deeply understand and grasp industry development information, relevant legal policies, and competitor dynamics to provide references for the company's decision-making.
  6. Cooperate with installation solar company and large enterprises to win more project orders.
  7. Fulfill other tasks arranged by the company, participate in the planning and execution of major projects.


  1. Previous work experience as a roofing/residential solar/energy storage sales consultant/manager.
  2. In-depth knowledge of solar equipment and installations.
  3. Ability to travel and work irregular hours.
  4. Able to work under pressure, have strong business negotiation skills and market development capabilities.
  5. Possess good market insight, excellent communication, coordination, and expression abilities.
  6. Have high professional ethics, a spirit of dedication, and teamwork.