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SCC junior engineer_Bending




Taicang, Jiangsu, China


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通快集团成立于1923年,总部位于德国迪琴根。通快是工业生产机床和激光领域的市场及技术领导者。位于“德企之乡”-太仓的通快(中国)有限公司是德国通快集团的独立子公司,也是中国区的总部,成立于2000年,已拥有超过700名雇员。“信任勇敢的想法”-代表着通快雇主品牌的立场。在通快,你的创新思维和充满创造力的想法将得到充分尊重和鼓励,并且有足够的空间得以进行讨论或实施,这当然与通快一贯秉持的价值观一脉相承。 Gerneral Purpose:The SCC junior engineer is responsible for handling cases escalated to the TRUMPF Service Competence Center for NSCs and subsidiaries worldwide and, together with the development department, supports machines in test status.This can be done in the office as  well as in the field.

  • Supporting and coordinating international technical escalations of the national service centers (NSC) of the subsidiaries (TG) / agencies (VT) and developing solutions
  • Receive service requests and enter them into the data system (e.g. malfunctions, errors, weak points, possibilities for improvement, contracts) and process them according to the fault elimination process. Localize malfunctions, even in difficult cases, and perform or initiate troubleshooting measures, if necessary with the support of experienced colleagues
  • Control, support and plan service calls.  Support and instruct field staff in solving difficult problems, even in countries without service representation. If necessary, solutions for new types of problems can be worked out together with experts from our own department and development.
  • Carry out product care. Participate in task force and product maintenance teams (departments, service, QM). Work up, analyze and evaluate problems from the field. Monitor the necessity of SW updates and conversions and, if necessary, arrange for their implementation. 
  • Perform  evaluations and solve problems on TruBend machines and their automation components.
  • Accompany projects for customized solutions, test them and provide customer training. Coordinate handover to the NSC
  • Bachelor degree
  • Electronics or Mechatronics
  • Professional experience with machine tools. Experience as a service technician or engineer in the machine tool industry as a plus
  • Knowledge on  machine tool products and/or material handling solutions
  • Understanding of hydraulic systems and robotics
  • Strong communication, stress resistant, flexibel