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Sales Manager(CSPO)




Beijing, China


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BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and professional services for information interaction and human health. BOE’s three core businesses are Interface Devices, Smart IoT Systems and Smart Medicine & Engineering Integration.

   Interface Devices Business includes Display and Senor, Sensor and Application Solutions. As a leading company in global semiconductor display industry, BOE has made Chinese display industry developing from scratch to maturity and prosperity. Now, more than one quarter of the global display panels are made by BOE, with its UHD, flexible display, micro display and other solutions broadly applied to well-known worldwide brands.

  Smart IoT Systems Business includes Intelligent Manufacturing Services, IoT Solution and Digital Art IoT Platform. BOE provides integrated IoT solutions in smart retail, smart finance, digital art, business office, smart home, smart transportation, smart education, smart energy and other fields. In the field of digital art, BOE has launched its digital art IoT solution – BOE iGallery, realizing the perfect combination of technology and art. For smart retail, BOE provides IoT solutions in price management, shelf management and customer behavior analysis to achieve seamless online and offline convergence.

  Smart Medicine & Engineering Integration Business includes Mobile Healthcare IoT Platform and Smart Healthcare Services. BOE has launched mobile platforms for healthcare management, based on AI and big data algorithm, to provide personalized medical treatment and health management service for users. Healthcare services combine medical, information, AI, cell engineering and other technologies, focusing on digital hospital, digital human body and regenerative medicine, etc., and is committed to developing comprehensive and life-cycle health management solutions.

Confirm customer requirements for volume products, communicate prices and delivery dates with customers, and formulate regional sales plans and market development.
1.  Receipt of customer requirements and submit them to the organization for review, and feedback the results to the customer;
2.   Negotiate with the customer on the transaction conditions such as price, order quantity, payment for goods, delivery period, etc.;
3. Review and formulate the sales plan in the area, and feedback to the center through the sales management department for verification;
4. Regularly manage and report on the sales performance of the customers in charge;
5. Customer development.

1.  Majors in marketing, international trade, electronic science and technology, optical information science and technology, and Internet of Things engineering are preferred;
2.   Have excellent foreign language communication skills;
3. Good analysis and problem-solving ability, good team awareness and sense of responsibility; strong ability to withstand pressure;
4. Good English skills;
Or have other minor languages (such as Japanese, Korean, etc.).