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Sales Manager




Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Norway,Austria, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland,Romania, Hungary, Greece, Balkan region, Sweden, Switzenland, Deutschland





SAJ is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on motor drive and control technology, renewable energy conversion, solar inverters, solar pumping systems, and battery storage solutions.

SAJ has expanded its branches in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, India and is a major contributor of zero-carbon and energy-saving technology.

SAJ aims to become the world’s leading provider of digital energy management services for green buildings helping to establish smart and efficient energy environments for a healthy and happy life.

  1. According to the company's long-term Development Goals and marketing strategy, leading the development of local sales strategy, after the final approval of the implementation of the local sales strategy; 
  2. Organize to make the sales plan and budget in the area, to make the matching plan and budget, and to implement and monitor it;
  3. Responsible for the regional market national policy, industry information, business information, technology trend information collection, feedback and analysis.
  4. Develop key accounts, supervise policy implementation, monitor return of payment, and control risks. 
  5. Reports to the supervisor, provide timely and accurate information and rationalization proposals; 
  6. Guide the company to conduct local market research and analysis, master channel trends, product trends and other information, develop more accurate and effective marketing strategy; 

  1. More than 5 years marketing work experience, more than 3 years inverter, energy storage, optical storage system product sales channel construction, management, operation and maintenance of successful experience;
  2. Has certain local distribution channel resources(TOP10 Customers), is familiar with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other major inverters, energy storage, optical storage system market policy and planning, demand situation, competitive situation, and has the clear channel system development mentality and the successful practical experience;
  3. Strong local market development and management skills, strong business negotiation skills; 
  4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good observation ability, good team spirit, good professional quality.