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Beijng, China


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Founded in April 1993, BOE is an IoT company providing smart products and professional services for information interaction and human health, forming "1+4+N" business groups with semiconductor display business as the core, sensor and solution, MLED, smart system innovation, and smart medical industry business integration development.

By 2020, BOE has accumulated more than 70,000 usable patents, and among the annual new patent applications, more than 90% are invention patents and more than 35% are overseas patents, covering many countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea. U.S. patent service organization IFI Claims released the 2020 U.S. patent grant statistics report, BOE jumped to the 13th place in the global ranking, with 2,144 U.S. patents granted, ranking among the global TOP20 for three consecutive years; BOE has been ranked among the global top 10 in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent ranking for many years. 职位描述:
  1. 负责公司分子诊断试剂新产品相关研发工作;
  2. 能解决研发过程中遇到的技术问题; 
  3. 对新产品研发资料及申报资料进行汇总,完成产品工艺优化、质量检验等过程设计;
  4. 辅助完成临床试验、体系考核、注册送检等产品申报工作。

  1. 本科、硕士应届毕业生;
  2. 分子生物学、细胞生物学、生物工程、基础医学、检验医学等相关专业;
  3. 专业基础扎实,成绩优秀,无不及格科目;
  4. 有快速学习能力、分析能力、能够独当一面、吃苦耐劳、专注、具备良好的团队精神、沟通和表达能力;
  5. 有较好的英语能力(英语四级及以上)。