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R&D Trainee




No.88 Tuo Qing Road Qingpu Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China





Klüber Lubrication is a global speciality lubricants company supplying products to almost all branches of industry. With their innovative capacity and knowledge, our employees are successfully shaping the future of Klüber Lubrication. Become one of our team! Meet new colleagues, learn more about the potential for development offered in the various divisions of our company, and experience what makes Klüber Lubrication so special.

1. You will be offered a one to two years trainee program in China and Germany and afterwards an interesting position in Klueber China;
2. You will have plenty of opportunities to enhance your professional abilities, build new capabilities and proficiencies and develop effective team-building and management skills;
3. With the on-the-job development you will receive a strong element of learning. You will be exposed to a variety of solutions and technologies through your daily roles and responsibilities;

1. Master or PHD degree with major in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering;
2. Research experience in chemistry or chemical engineering;
3. Open-minded, innovative and adaptability to foreign culture;
4. Fluent in both oral and written English;