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Material planning




Hefei, Anhui, China, China





Job Responsibilities:
• According to the company's development strategy, business objectives and program planning, plan the section development strategy and organize the implementation of the section's annual work plan, and control the section's cost budget; 
• Build the company's parts supply guarantee system, plan the future development direction of the department's business, organize the implementation of the department's annual work plan, determine the key operating parameters, and organize continuous supply chain optimization for Purchased parts;
• Implement the company's production material disposition, that is, organize the implementation of the order release, supply monitoring, On-time delivery and consumption status of the arrival of the production materials for Purchased parts and deal with various problems in the disposition process;
• Develop and comply with the Volkswagen(Anhui)disposition management system and standards. 
• According to the company's new project requirements, support the ramp-up curve of new models, check production launch resources, balance the integration of new projects and series production, implement parts resources during the overlap period, raise new parts, handle remaining parts, organize the arrival of the first batch of series parts, and track new parts production capacity and supplier status; promote the resolution of various production problems during the production launch and climb of new models, and promote the timely and accurate delivery of new project orders;
• Communicate and negotiate with internal and external customers, suppliers on team-leader level.
• Control section budget. At the time,continue to optimize disposition costs for Purchased parts, strictly control and optimize air freight and non-used parts costs, and continue to optimize the company and the entire supply chain inventory. Continue to explore the potential for cost reduction in the supply of materials, and coordinate and cooperate with all departments to deal with it together.
• Based on the Purchased parts claim agreement and company management process, organize the Purchased parts claim business, continuously improve the claim success rate, and continuously optimize the processing time;
• According to the company's asset safety management requirements, organize the company's parts input and output verification to optimize the company's part asset safety management process;
• According to the company process, organize supplier performance evaluation, organize to improve supplier supply, system, emergency management and other capabilities for Purchased parts, and continue to improve supplier supply guarantee capabilities
• Establish and improve the company's digital management of material financing, and establish and improve the business management process. Formulate and optimize the demand calculation, ordering, delivery, transportation, inventory, and consumption strategies of localized materials. Improve the supply process of localized suppliers

Job Requirements:
• Good language skills in Chinese, English and/or German
• Good business related IT-knowledge
• Very good Project Management skills• Very good communication and presentation skills
• Problem solving and analytical skills
• Worked in foreign and joint venture organization management is a plus
• Bachelor degree or above, major in vehicle engineering, business management, logistics, machinery, etc.