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Logistics Operator




Essen, Germany, Deutschland


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As a leading player active in supply chain management, DHF Fulfillment Management GmbH offers solutions for a wide range of industries along the entire supply chain, including multimodal transport, warehousing, customs clearance, and innovative value-added service. Our employees are recognized as our organization's most valuable asset. Not only fair wages and salaries we offer to our employees, the company also provide our employees various opportunities that seeks to further develop individuals' career path. 

Your responsibilities:


·       planning routes and load scheduling for multi-drop deliveries;

·       allocating and recording resources and movements on the transport planning systems;

·       ensuring all partners in the supply chain are working effectively and efficiently,ensuring smooth operations;

·       communicating effectively with clients and responding to their requirements;

·       booking sub-contractors and ensuring they deliver within agreed terms

Transport management:

·       directing all transportation activities;

·       developing transportation relationships;

·       monitoring transport costs;

·       negotiating and bargaining transportation prices;

·       dealing with the effects of congestion;

·       uploading related documents, and bills in a timely and accurate manner;

What it takes to fulfil the responsibilities:

·       tack, diplomacy and calmness, especially when dealing with disgruntled customers and truck dispatchers;

·       an analytic mind and good numeracy skills;

·       excellent negotiation and communication skills;

·       excellent skill in Excel, Word etc.;

·       good geographical knowledge;

·       stronger ability to use German & English as a working language for daily communication with partners and vendors;

·       working permits in Germany or the EU;

·       knowledge of the transportation industry is preferred;

·       1-2 years experience in a well-established organization in a team-leader / project management position is preferred;

What this position offers:

·       13 months salaries with addtional performance rewards and bonus

·        individualized personal career development plan with corresponding training opportunies;

To apply for this position, please submit your CV with a brief cover letter via SinoJobs to us.