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IT Administrator




Stuttgart, , Deutschland





Charging into the future

As a worldwide leader in complete lithium-ion energy storage solutions that offer high power, high energy and excellent safety and outstanding life, we provide our customers with quality products, when and where they need them. A123 products deliver excellent energy density providing more driving range per charge. Our advanced technology allows vehicle manufacturers to engineer powertrain advancements that are environmentally conscious. These advances help reduce emissions, provide better fuel economy and start to reduce our reliance on oil.

Breakthrough technology forms the core of our automotive product portfolio and allows us to manufacture highly competitive lithium-ion solutions at the system, module and cell level. As true innovators in battery system design, we have the engineering expertise needed to support development and validation of advanced cell designs, software, electronics and thermal management systems that power today’s electrified vehicles. At the core of A123 Battery Systems, our world-class in-house developed cells employ the most advanced battery chemistry for each application to minimize pack oversizing and system cost.

A123 has aggressively invested in scientific talent, developed our supply chain and expanded our manufacturing footprint for NMC products which now represent more than half of our annual production. This success has inspired us to continue to invest in new research and development that will further enhance the energy density of our future products without compromising battery safety or performance.

Our global manufacturing footprint balances economies of scale and proximity to customers so that we are always prepared to cost effectively deliver lithium-ion solutions that power the world’s most advanced vehicle technology.

We are looking for Talents to join our Team!

Job Purpose: acting as first point of contact to the local GM/MD and interface to external partners

  • Network and server and workstation administration
  • Hardware and software maintenance  Onboarding tasks for new employees
  • User support and consulting
  • Active directory administration
  • Network monitoring and planning
  • Assists with ordering, receiving, storing, staging and tracking of PC assets
  • On-site support of autonomous EDP systems


Education & Experience:  
  • Successfully completed training as an IT specialist for system integration (or comparable qualification)
  • Relevant professional experience in the administration of IT systems
  • Good knowledge of client/server environment, office solutions, network technology and security

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Commitment and ability to work in a team as well as structured, independent and self-motivated way of working
  • Confident communication in German and English
  • Sense of responsibility, ability to work in a team and flexibilit