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Infotainment Engineer




Shanghai, China


Festanstellungen Vollzeit, Praktika / Werkstudenten



The EDAG Group, one of the world’s largest independent engineering company, was established in Germany (Fulda) in 1969. EDAG group has more than 8500 employees worldwide and EDAG Engineering & Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd established since 2004 has more than 300 engineers located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shenyang.

The name EDAG stands for integrated development expertise. We assume responsibility for capacity and flexibility in automotive industry, especially for global OEMs, their suppliers and all new electric vehicle companies.

EDAG is organized in three segments: vehicle engineering (VE), electrics / electronics (EE), and production solutions (PS). EDAG provides engineering on-site services and complete work package projects.

When it comes to the development of bodywork systems and vehicle interiors, EDAG is a strong and innovative partner in every respect – with a special emphasis on complete vehicle development.

eMobility and car IT will be the greatest automotive challenges in the next few years. Reason enough for us to press ahead with technologies and their applications with our own team of experts. With future-oriented subjects connectivity, digitalization and autonomous driving,

We cover the key areas of the networked vehicle. Our expertise and strength lie in the integrated development of production systems and the optimization of production processes.

Critical Competency / 关键能力

 Well know about infotainment system.
 有非常好的汽车信息娱乐系统知识。
 Family with infotainment functions, eg: Radio, Media, Bluetooth, SDS, Online and so on.
 熟悉信息娱乐系统功能,如导航,收音机,媒体播放,蓝牙,语音交互,在线服务等。
 Experience in component/system/complete vehicle testing.
 有零部件,分系统及整车测试方面经验。
 Knowledge in project management with timing control, reporting.
 有时间节点控制,报告等相关项目管理知识。
 Knowledge in supplier management and communication.
 有供应商管理和沟通知识。
 Good teamwork, but also independent working abilities and self motivated.
 良好的团队合作精神, 并且有良好独立工作的能力及自我激励。
 Willingness to travel, Intercultural communication skills.
 愿意出差有跨文化交际的能力。

b. Required Education & Experience / 教育背景及工作经验
At least 2 years experience in OEMs, system suppliers, or relative vehicle Design Company.
 至少两年汽车主机厂,系统供应商或相关设计公司的工作经验。
 Bachelor or master degree in electrical engineering, automation, mechatronic, vehicle engineering.
 电气工程,自动化,机电一体化,车辆工程等相关专业本科或硕士
 English, in speech and writing.
 良好的英语听说读写能力。

Main Tasks & Responsibility主要任务和职责
 Report to line leader, and get job from arrangement.
 向直属领导汇报安排的相关工作。
 Project and supplier management during the component developing.
 零件开发中的项目管理和供应商管理相关工作。
 Infotainment components and sub-system test and also include vehicle system.
 信息娱乐系统及周边系统的功能测试,包括整车系统
 Supporting the specification work, analyzing, testing, trouble shooting and reporting to the customer
 支持功能定义,测试及跟踪解决问题,并向客户汇报。