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Founded in April 1993, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) is a leading IoT company providing intelligent interface products and professional services for information interaction and human health. It has formed a “1+4+N+Eco-chain” business structure with the semiconductor display business as the core and featuring the integrated development of IoT innovation, sensor and solutions, MLED and smart engineering medicine.
As of 2021, BOE had independently filed more than 70,000 patent applications to patent offices around the world. Out of the new patent applications, over 90% were patents for inventions and above 35% were filed overseas, such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea. According to the 2021 U.S. Patent Grant Statistics Report released by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, BOE moved up two places to 11th in the global ranking, making it into the top 20 for the fourth consecutive year. According to the 2021 ranking of international patent applications published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), BOE ranked seventh in the world with 1,980 PCT patent applications, staying among the top 10 for six years in a row.
BOE owns a number of manufacturing sites in Beijing, Hefei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Mianyang, Wuhan, Kunming, Suzhou, Ordos, Gu’an, etc. Its subsidiaries span 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Russia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. Its service network covers major regions in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and beyond. As a project manager responsible for new product R&D project management, and also responsible for development process and project management system optimization. 1.New product project management category. (1) project organization management: assessment of staffing, formation of project team, project process communication and coordination, conflict handling, project summary. (2) Project resource management: EN resource coordination, judgment priority processing, balance the use of resources within the plant, material allocation. (3) Project schedule management: review the in-plant schedule based on the customer's schedule, and be able to provide Catch Up plan process management. (4) Project process management: customer/plant issue improvement promotion; product revenue and risk assessment, cost analysis, provide cost reduction plan, promotion of stagnant material treatment, material and sample management. 2. Cost reduction: explore cost reduction projects (materials, processes, etc.) in factories and promote project introduction. 3. Other projects: undertake temporary major projects.