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主动安全及ADAS系统测试检测工程师 (3名)




Chongqing, Chongqing, China


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Chongqing Vehicle Test & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CVTRI) was founded in Dec.2003. CVTRI was integrated by Chongqing government through Chongqing Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection and China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. It is specialized in quality test, experimental research, technical consultation, standard establishment, export authentication, import commodity inspection, equipment research and development, judicial expertise, etc. in terms of automobiles, motorcycles, general engines, multi/single cylinder diesel, electric bicycles, etc.

CVTRI has two national quality inspection centers,  including National Coach Quality Supervision and Test Center, National Motorcycle Quality Supervision and Test Center(Chongqing). It has three public technical service platforms, including Chongqing EMC Engineering Technology Research Center, Chongqing Key Laboratory of Industry and Information Technology of Automotive active safety testing technology and National information industry base(Chongqing)automobile electronic public testing evaluation center. It has three holding companies and one joint stock company. It’s also the test center of quality and technical supervision China power industry innovation alliance, VCA (China) Chongqing office. It has two popular science bases.

 CVTRI covers an area of about 730 mu, and there are two bases, including Chongqing Automotive Performance Proving Ground. There are 1750 sets all kinds of equipments and apparatus. The employees are more than 300, senior titles are almost 30%, the people having doctorate or master's degree are about 55%, and there are 2 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Department and 7 directors of the doctorate and the master's degree.

CVTRI has been awarded the national torch program key high-tech enterprise National torch program key high-tech enterprises, Chongqing City High-tech enterprise, Chongqing City Innovation-oriented enterprise, and it is Vice chairman unit of the Bus Branch of China Highway and Transportation Society. It operates the domestic and foreign public publications "Bus & Coach Technology and Research".



  1. 硕士研究生及以上学历,机械电子、车辆工程及相关专业;
  2. 通过大学英语六级及计算机二级;
  3. 掌握汽车构造、汽车理论方面的专业知识;了解汽车电子、总线技术、自动控制理论、雷达、图像识别等传感技术;
  4. 忠诚敬业,具有极强的责任心、团队协调能力、执行能力和分析解决问题能力。