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Staff Electronic Design Engineer

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Shanghai, China

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Full time positions

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ABOUT TESLA: Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. With global temperatures rising, the faster we free ourselves from fossil fuel reliance and achieve a zero-emission future, the better. In pursuit of this mission, we make electric vehicles that are not just great EVs, but the best cars, period.

We also produce and install infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products that help our customers further decrease their environmental impact. When it comes to achieving our goals, we pride ourselves in accomplishing what others deem impossible.

TESLA Energy Plan is to lead all aspects of new energy power generation, transfer, and use.

Car, pile, light, storage, and load are all connected by energy,

Seamlessly cooperating, freely switching, and unified experience.

Many loyal customers are cultivated by using the powerful energy ecosystem.




Team Description:

  1. The Low Voltage Controller team is responsible for designing the electrical “nervous system” of Tesla vehicles. 
  2. We design circuit boards to distribute power from the battery to each electrical device as efficiently as possible. 
  3. We control hundreds of electrical devices including motors, sensors, switches, and LEDs to power user-facing systems such as seats, doors, HVAC, powertrain, safety, chassis, exteriors, lighting, and more. 

Primary Role:

  1. Support Low Voltage hardware at Gigafactory Shanghai (debug problems, help introduce new products, etc).
  2. Debug Low Voltage field returns, and provide guidance for Service (in APAC).
  3. Supplier prototype PCBA builds at Asia contract manufacturers.

Growth Opportunities:

  1. Design and debug hardware for factory robots (Automated Guided Vehicles).
  2. Design hardware for automated validation testers.
  3. Write Python code for automated validation testers.
  4. Design production vehicle hardware.
  • Specification, architecture, design, simulation, schematic, layout supervision, prototype, validation, and manufacturing of circuit boards.
  • Collaborate with PCB layout, firmware, reliability, program management, mechanical, and EMC teams.
  • Thoroughly document design requirements, calculations, power budgets, validation results, etc .
  • Rapidly iterate as design requirements and vehicle features mature over time.

Required Skills:

1. Circuit board design (Altium preferred)

  • Specification, architecture, design, simulation, prototype, schematic, layout supervision, validation, and manufacturing.

2. Strong understanding of:

  • Analog & digital circuits (MOSFETs, op-amps, switching regulators, gate drivers, microcontrollers, SPI, I2C, etc).
  • Component selection, variance, power dissipation, thermal management, etc.

3. Exceptional organization and communication skills (both written and verbal).

4. Ability to solve problems using a first principles approach.

5. Proficiency with lab equipment (oscilloscopes, electronic loads, signal generators, etc).

Preferred Skills:

  1. Basic programming ability (Python preferred).
  2. Experience shipping high-volume circuit boards.
  3. Knowledge of automotive design requirements. Design for autonomous vehicles (fail-safe redundancy).
  4. Entrepreneurial passion.