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Project management/Manager(m/f)

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, Beijing, China

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Full time positions

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what is your Job?
  • Consolidate technical information from China related to technical project management整合来自中国的与技术项目管理相关的技术信息
  • Gather, collect and bundle technical information related of new projects, prior to contract(GSV) 在合 同签订前收集、整理和打包新项目相关的技术信息(GSV)
  • Perform project Develop and agree technical requirements with customer within project scope 在项 目范围内与客户共同制定技术要求
  • Analyze the industry advantages, intellectual property system, product brand and quality ability of the company's technology and competitors 分析本企业技术及竞争对手的业内优势、知识产权体系、产品品牌 及质量能力
  • Align project master schedule with plant representative 与工厂代表协调项目计划Plan the system development in accordance with customer project master schedule根据客户项目计划安排系统开发
  • management according to process 根据公司流程执行项目管理工作
  • Monitor & control project process deviations 监督和控制项目流偏差Contribute to & update project risk management according to process根据流程,保证并更新项目风险管理
  • Monitor & control technical requirement engineering 监管控制技术要求Perform change, configuration management 执行更改,配置管理
  • Risk management 风险管理


  • Master degree or above in Economic Engineering/ Enterprisese Economic/Automotive Engineering / Electronics/Mechanical. 硕士或以上学历,经济工程,企业经济学,汽车工程或电子或机械专业Work or internship experience in Automobile supplier, engineering in field of Electronics or Mechanica.在汽车供应商、电子或机械类公司工程方向的工作或实习的经验。
  • Expereice more than 2 years or similar postion will be candidateas Project Manager.经验超过 2 年或者有过类似岗位将作为项目经理岗为候选人
  • Skilled in Automobile engineering project management. Experience in Tier 1 supplier is prefer 精通汽 车工程项目管理。有一级供应商工作经验者优先
  • Initiative , responsible , motivated to push forward project, good communication skills 主动、负责、 积极推进项目,沟通能力强
  • Team-working and capability of analysis and problem-solving 具有团队合作精神,具有分析和解决 问题的能力
  • Highly self-motivated, leadership potential 高度自我激励,具有领导潜质
  • Chinese as mother language, Proficiency in both German and English with polished verbal and written skills 中文母语,英语,德语书面及口语流利
  • Knowledge of OEM vehicle development and project management process or ISO/TS16949, German VDA process is preferred有了解OEM车型开发及项目管理流程或者ISO/TS16949,德国VDA流程 优先考虑
  • Willingtotravel(nationally and internationally) 适应出差(国际和国内)

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