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Overseas Channel Retail Manager

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Düsseldorf, Germany

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Full time positions

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Job Description:

1. Responsible for supporting the national manager to complete the national sales target, and promote SO (Sales Objection) to achieve the target;

2. Responsible for retail marketing: Responsible for new product launch terminal management, promotional activity management, promotional product supply management, prototype management, In store MKT, and related expense management;

3. Promotional manpower management: responsible for outsourcing organization construction, manpower planning and allocation principles, assessment and incentives, personnel sales and capacity management, personnel closed-loop management, retail system operations and data applications, and related expense management;

4. Responsible for retail training: Responsible for internal and external FF human training, lecturer management, course adaptation and development, training project management, training evaluation management, excellent case dissemination, and related expense management;

5. Responsible for terminal store management: Responsible for the planning, construction and management of key stores, including strategy and combat maps, SI (Store Identity System) specification and implementation, position planning and construction, operation management, process indicator supervision, and display experience design and execution , Related expense management.


Qualification Requirements::

1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above;

2. At least 2 years of work experience in the same industry or equivalent positions;

3. Have strong communication, organization, coordination skills and teamwork spirit;

4. Possess strong learning ability and anti-stress ability to accept challenges.

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