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KVS- and D-Team Engineer

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Hefei, Anhui, China

Employment Type:

Full time positions

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Job Responsibilities:

1.Introduction of KVS Systems and D-Team for R&D
2.KVS administrator help to create and issue the HyperKVS UserID
3.KVS Support for the local Designers
4.Ensure the data exchange through KVS between SEAT, Wolfsburg and VWA
5.Report the TM/TZ status for the developing project
6.Plan and organize necessary Methodology-/IT-projects to improve R&D abilities
7.Ensure the part data link to the whole vehicle data structure exactly
8.Ensure the RPS of part geometry, if there are fault, should be communicate with FOP and ask for accurate part data
9.Manage the engineer of labor supplier, who serve for the D-Team
10.Coordination of requirements from technical departments

Job Requirements:

1.Willing to learn
2.Good at logic analysis and judgment
3.Interest on programming to increase efficiency
4.Good at Microsoft Office(EXCEL, Powerpoint etc)
5.Good at communication, inclusive hands-on ability and team-player attitude 
6.Familiar with engineering development software or product LCM software is advantageous
7.Bachelor/Master's degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/Automotive Engineering
8.Fluent communication skills in English or German, both written and spoken