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Image algorithm engineer

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Beijing, China

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Full time positions

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Beijing JingWei HiRain Technologies is a high-tech enterprise and it developed rapidly, specializing in the research and development , production of electronic products in the fields of automobile electronics, intelligent driving, car networking, new energy automobile and artificial intelligence, as well as engineering consulting, development tools and automatic driving operation and maintenance service for specific scenarios. The headquarters of the company is located in Beijing, it has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Detroit, Munich and offices in Changchun, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanchang and Xi 'an, and it has established modern production factories in Tianjin and Nantong, it formed a perfect research and development, production, marketing and service system. It has more than 2600 employees, 65% of researchers have master's degree or above, Since it has established nearly 20 years ago, In recent years, the company has been awarded as "Beijing Patent Model Unit", "Zhong guan cun Key Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit" and "Beijing Practice Base for National Patent Examiners". With the concept of " The value of innovation, better service to customers", the company has more than thousands of domestic and foreign customers in the automotive industry.

  1. Responsible for the design and development of deep learning algorithms such as image-oriented (face, object, gesture) recognition, as well as compression and low bit optimization;
  2.  Responsible for the design, development and optimization of 3D algorithms based on structured light and TOF;
  3. Responsible for the development of multi-camera video Mosaic fusion display;
  4. Intelligent design based on video images: target detection, tracking and recognition, image Mosaic, situation map and movement trajectory generation;
  5. Software development based on optical multi-camera data fusion, device control, video display and data processing;
  6. According to the output target recognition, lane lines and other structured information rendering the data to be projected;
  7. Cooperate with the team to complete system performance optimization, calculation force optimization and SOC selection.

  1. Master degree or above, major in computer, mathematics, electronic information, etc., with more than two years of experience in image algorithm research and development is preferred;
  2. Proficient in at least one language such as C, C++ and Python, with strong code implementation ability;
  3. Experience in image splicing and fusion using TI DSP platform or FPGA is preferred;
  4. Familiar with OpenCV and OpenCL or Verilog is preferred.