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Shanghai, China

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Full time positions

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Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of BHTC since 2004. As a base for global wide R&D, Manufacturing and Purchasing, our revenue in 2017 is near 80 million RMB. Our customer covers SVW, FAW-VW, SGM, SAIC, Dongfeng Nissan, Great Wall, Geely, etc. we have also become a global supplier of General Motors, BMW and Renault-Nissan Group.
We have established the leading position of China passenger vehicle market in auto climate control area, we can already provide the climate control products that meets the need of local market, we will also provide Chinese customers with high-quality automotive HMI products. We aim to drive development with technology and innovation to ensure that every driver and rider will always feel comfortable and touch and feel the future. Job Responsibilities:

-Complete display responsibility for series and advanced development projects

-Cooperation with BHTC’s display supplier

-Cooperation with BHTC’s electronics supplier for display electronics (TCON, Gamma DAC, video splitter etc.)

-Optimization of display design regarding HW

-Optimization of display stacks including touch sensor (glass type, foil, In-Cell, On-Cell, Hybdrid-Touch etc)

-Scouting for new display and touch technology

Job Requirements:

    -Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or related

      -5+ year working experience in auto/3C industry electrical design area

        -Basic HW Design / Engineering tools

          -Computer skills

          -Well wrritten and oral English skill