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English Foreign Expert(People’s Daily Overseas Social Media)

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Beijing, China

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Full time positions

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People's Daily Online is a large-scale online information exchange platform built by "People's Daily", a listed media and cultural company controlled by People's Daily, and one of the largest comprehensive online media on the Internet. On January 1, 1997, People's Daily Online was officially launched. On July 1, 2006, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China approved the launch of the "Chinese Communist Party News Network" hosted by People's Daily Online and became an authoritative website for propagating and introducing the thoughts, theories, policies, and information of the Communist Party of China.

People’s Daily Overseas Social Media seeks native English-speaking editor (Beijing)

Job Description:

People's Daily Overseas Social Media is looking for a full-time native English-speaking editor

based in Beijing responsible for news report and social media management.

Job Responsibilities: 

- Proofread and polish English articles and tweets

- Write commentaries

- Assist the team to complete work including hosting programs, story pitching, video editing etc.

Job Requirements:

- Native English speaker, command of Chinese language a plus

- Bachelor’s degree or above(For those with a bachelor's degree, a two-year experience with a media organization is a must)

- Familiar with related fields such as international politics, economy, etc; have knowledge about China

- Excellent writing skills and strong news sense

- Good communications skills and teamwork spirit

- Experience with a media organization is a plus

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