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Advertising and Marketing Intern

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Shanghai, China

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Intern/Working student, Trainee programs

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Founded in 1999, Linksus Digiwork is a comprehensive big data marketing agency dedicated to providing big data strategies-based marketing services with effects for customers.

Linksus Digiwork has clients from mainstream industries such as automobile, consumer goods and finance, including well-known brands at home and abroad such as Volkswagen, BMW, P&G, Yili, and ICBC. So far, Linksus Digiwork has established three directly affiliated companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as nine offices in China's major cities, with service network covering more than 100 key cities nationwide.

In 2017, Linksus Digiwork established Beijing Times Digiwork Films Technology Co. LTD by seizing opportunities to engage in Film + Internet business and create the “Smart Cinema”. As a new attempt in China's film projection sector, the “Smart Cinema” is different from new media broadcasting modes of films. It refers to projecting films with the Permit for Public Screening of Films during their approved public show period by using the Smart Cinema Software System on mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablet PCs or other controllable devices. In response to the “Going-Out” strategy, the “Smart Cinema” successfully accessed to North America, Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), Taiwan (China), South Korea and some areas of Europe, as the first step of overseas strategy. Thus, the overseas Chinese and local people can watch hit films available in China's cinemas. In the future, the “Smart Cinema” will continue to improve international communication capacity, and do well in telling Chinese stories and publicizing Chinese voice.

As a useful supplement of traditional cinemas, the “Smart Cinema” will motivate the film producers and content producers, and cultivate the film-watching habits of moviegoers of various ages so as to make contributions to China's films and promote the booming development of China's film industry.


1、了解项目的要求,协助项目经理为客户提供市场营销/公关/social compaign等策略;参与团队brainstorming,提出创意想法,并进行方案呈现。