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Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Jinan, Xinchang, Changshan, Wuhu, Ningbo, China

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SKF Group

SKF offers solutions that reduce friction and CO2 emissions, whilst at the same time increasing machine uptime and performance. SKF‘s products and services around the rotating shaft, include bearings, seals, lubrication management, artificial intelligence and wireless condition monitoring. Working to reduce friction, make things run faster, longer, cleaner and more safely and doing this in the most effective, productive and sustainable way.

SKF was founded in 1907 and grew at a rapid rate to become a global company nowadays:

•        presence in over 130 countries

•        87 manufacturing units

•        15 technology centers

•        more than 17000 distributors


SKF China

SKF started business in China in 1912, serving more than 40 industries including automobiles, railway, aerospace, new energy, heavy industry, machine tools, logistics, and medical. It is now evolving into a knowledge, technology, and data-driven company, contributes to our vision of a world of reliable rotation in a more intelligent, cleaner, and digital way.

In recent years, SKF has accelerated its transformation in the fields of industries and service digitization, industrial Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, and has introduced an online merge offline one-stop integrated service system "SKF4U", leading the industry change.

SKF actively implements "regional for regional" strategy, accelerating engineering, technologies and manufacturing competency build-up in China to responsively meet customers’ need in speed, quality and application driven performances. With two branding key message “Intelligent” and “Clean”, SKF continuously increases its long-term investment in China.




1.     定向不定岗:量身制定16个月的培养计划,在不同的部门或工厂进行轮岗,了解不同的业务和职能单元,收获全价值链视野。

2.     师徒带教制:为每位Trainee指定资深职业导师,全程跟进项目,快速从学生到职场人的转变。

3.     技能全升级:定期进行能力评估和反馈,全方位多维度地提升技能。

4.     职业多路径:探索自我,激发多样化的发展路径,开启职场无限可能。